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Footprints in the Jungle: Natural Resource Industries, Infrastructure and Biodiversity Conservation
Edited by Ian A. Bowles and Glenn T. Prickett,
Oxford University Press, 2001.

This book surveys recent approaches to limiting the environmental and social impacts of energy, mining, forestry and infrastructure development in sensitive ecosystems. Contributions by industry professionals, environmental advocates, academic researchers and development agency experts examine the potential synergies and flashpoints between conservationists, industry and local communities.

The Green Host Effect: An Integrated Approach to Sustainable Tourism and Resort Development (download PDF(1.4MB)/ download Acrobat Reader)
By James E. N. Sweeting, Aaron G. Bruner and Amy B. Rosenfeld, Conservation International, 1999.
This document offers recommendations for ways to both minimize tourism's negative environmental and social impacts and increase the overall positive contribution of the industry to conservation and local well-being. The report examines practices and technologies for use by private sector developers, as well as planning and policy tools for government agencies.

Lightening the Lode: A Guide to Responsible Large-scale Mining
(download PDF(1.0MB) / Spanish Version(7.35MB)/ download Acrobat Reader)
By Amy Rosenfeld Sweeting and Andrea P. Clark, Conservation International, 2000.
This paper offers recommendations for responsible large-scale metal mining, to help guide the appropriate siting and development of mineral development in sensitive environments. The document includes management practices, technologies and planning and policy tools for use by both the mining industry and the government agencies that regulate that industry.

A Practical Guide to Good Practice: Managing Environmental and Social Issues in the Accommodations Sector
(download PDF(2.3MB) / download Acrobat Reader)
Created in partnership with the Tour Operator's Initiative for Sustainable Tourism Development - By James E.N. Sweeting and Amy Rosenfeld Sweeting, 2003.
This user-friendly handbook is a practical guide for accommodation suppliers to develop good environmental and social practices. It provides an overview of ten key environmental and social issues that are critical to the long-term success of the accommodations sector. Each issue includes a brief summary, the business rationale for good behavior, exemplary practices, and additional resources.

Reinventing the Well: Approaches to Minimizing the Environmental and Social Impact of Oil Development in the Tropics
(download PDF(656KB) / Spanish Version(12.9MB) / download Acrobat Reader)
By Amy B. Rosenfeld, Debra L. Gordon and Marianne Guerin-McManus, Conservation International, 1997.
This report presents a series of recommended best practices for mitigating the negative environmental and social impacts of oil exploration and production in sensitive environments. The paper also includes an overview of legislative and contractual mechanisms that can be used to ensure enforcement and implementation of these practices.

A Shifting Tide: Environmental Challenges and Cruise Industry Responses - An Interim Report
(download PDF(480 KB) / download Acrobat Reader)
By James E. N. Sweeting and Scott L. Wayne, 2003. The cruise industry faces a number of key environmental challenges related to its activities and operations in the world's oceans, particularly in and around priority conservation areas. This interim summary report explores these environmental challenges and the cruise industry's responses.

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