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Human Welfare

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No single organization can safeguard Earth’s biologically richest places. Enabling conservation action through our partners in these important places is a cornerstone of our strategic approach. Today, Conservation International (CI) is a conservation catalyst, acting as strategist, financier and provider of technical support to establish vast biodiversity conservation corridors in partnership with others.

Multiplying Our Success
Forging partnerships with leaders in government, business and communities is essential to accomplishing our goals, and we continue to mobilize key partners to pursue our conservation objectives.

In the field, CI’s Centers for Biodiversity Conservation (CBCs) provide leadership and technical skills to deliver conservation results. These centers of excellence build strategic alliances with major stakeholders to create and implement a common agenda.

To meet the critical need to increase funding for biodiversity conservation, our Conservation Funding division has allocated nearly 29 percent of CI’s fiscal year 2004 budget to fund important conservation initiatives by partners who share our objectives.

The Center for Environmental Leadership in Business (CELB) engages business as a force for conservation. With business and NGO partners, CELB establishes voluntary biodiversity standards for key industries, engages leading companies in support of conservation goals, and advocates public policies that create incentives for business to invest in biodiversity protection.

The Center for Conservation and Government (CCG) develops innovative solutions that allow governments to take critical action to conserve biodiversity. Governments face significant challenges in reconciling conservation with national development goals, financial constraints, and political realities. CCG helps governments overcome those challenges by piloting new approaches to priority concerns, building diverse and powerful coalitions, and engaging and informing political leaders.

The result: multiplied conservation outcomes around the world.

Resources and Links
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CEPF Web site: www.cepf.net
VerdeVentures Web site: http://www.conservation.org/xp/verdeventures
GCF Web sitehttp://www.conservation.org/xp/gcf
CELB Web site: celb.org
Profiles: Conservation Alliances and Corporate Partners
Frontlines: Partner Success Stories


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Volunteers work on a reforestation project at the Bilsa Biological Reserve, Ecuador. CELB's Conservation Carbon Program and Ecuadorian NGO, Jacun Sacha Foundation, are restoring 275 hectares of Ecuador's coastal rainforest.

© CI, Timothy B. Werner
The Global Conservation Fund (GCF) finances the creation, expansion and long-term management of protected areas in CI's priority areas such as Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea.

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