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Countries, companies and institutions worldwide are seeking to reduce and offset their emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, in response to the Kyoto Protocol and other initiatives to reduce global climate change. Because deforestation accounts for 25 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, investments in forest protection and reforestation are cost-effective ways for companies to offset their own emissions.

We offer a selection of land-based carbon offsets projects as investment opportunities. In addition to mitigating the impacts of climate change, these projects protect and restore native habitats, thereby providing multiple benefits, including biodiversity protection, community development, conservation of watersheds and the restoration fragmented habitats.

The Atlantic Forest, Brazil
To help protect biodiversity and mitigate the effects of climate change in the Atlantic Forest, Conservation International and the Socio-Environmental Research Institute of Southern Bahia will work to restore 11,200 hectares of Brazil’s Atlantic Forest. more

Coastal Rainforest, Ecuador
An investment by The Climate Trust will enable Conservation International and Jatun Sacha Foundation, Ecuador’s largest environmental organization, to reforest more than 275 hectares of highly degraded pastureland. more

Sierra Madre, Philippines
The project, located in the Sierra Madre Biological Corridor, in the mountainous eastern portion of the Philippine island of Luzon will restore, protect, and reduce future threats to 12,500 hectares. more

Pearl Jam and the Warped Tour have pledged to “de-carbonate” their 2003 tours. These music tours are funding a joint project between CI and the Wildlife Conservation Society to create and manage a new protected area in the rain forest of Makira, Madagascar.

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