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Donate Now
You can help stop climate change.

Donate online to CI today and support our conservation work around the world.

Join the Dixie Chicks and Pearl Jam in becoming carbon neutral. Use the carbon calculator below to offset your annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and help stop global warming.

By offsetting through CI, you will help protect the roughly 832,000-acre Makira Forest in northeast Madagascar and prevent millions of tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. So go on, calculate!

Note: For information about answering each question, click the "?".

Perform this calculation for
I live in a
people live in my home
My home is
I am
I drive
My car is
I fly about long roundtrip(s) per year
I fly about short roundtrip(s) per year
My diet is

Offset your annual CO2 emissions
with the click of a mouse!
Your personal CO2 annual offset donation (tons/year x 10) is:
Offset all or a portion of your CO2 emissions today!

If you’re not ready to offset today, join CI Online and stay tuned for conservation news and opportunities to take action.

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