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CI publishes books, journals, periodicals and policy papers. Some are jointly published with other organizations so ordering methods will differ. Please check about the availability of each publication individually.


Lemurs of Madagascar
By Russell A. Mittermeier, William R. Konstant, Frank Hawkins, Edward E. Louis, Olivier Langrand, Jonah Ratsimbazafy, Rudin Rasoloarison, Jorg U. Ganzhorn, Serge Rajaobelina, Ian Tattersall and David M. Meyers. Illustrated by Stephen D. Nash. 2006.

Transboundary Conservation: A New Vision for Protected Areas
By Russell A. Mittermeier, Cyril F. Kormos, Cristina G. Mittermeier, Patricio Robles Gil, Trevor Sandwith, and Charles Besançon, 2005.

The Great Tamaulipan Natural Province
By Patricio Robles Gil, Exequiel Ezcurra, Eduardo Peters, Eugenia Pallares and Ana Ezcurra (compilers), 2005.

Pantanal: South America's Wetland Jewel
By Russell A. Mittermeier, Monica Barcellos Harris, Cristina G. Mittermeier, Jose Maria Cardoso da Silva, Reinaldo Lourival, Gustavo A.B. da Fonseca, Peter A. Seligmann, 2005.

Primates of Colombia: Conservation International Tropical Field Guide Series # 5
By Thomas Richard Defler. Illustrations by Stephen D. Nash, Cesar Landazabal Mendoza and Margarita Nieto Diaz. Editor: Jose Vicente Rodriguez-Mahecha, 2005.

Hotspots Revisited
By Russell A. Mittermeier, Patricio Robles Gil, Michael Hoffman, John Pilgrim, Thomas Brooks, Cristina Goettsch Mittermeier, John Lamoreux, and Gustavo A.B. da Fonseca. Preface by Peter A. Seligmann. Foreword by Harrison Ford, 2005.

Defying Ocean's End
Edited by Linday K. Glover and Sylvia A. Earle. Foreword by Graeme Kelleher. Published by Island Press, 2004.

Consuming Nature
By Anthony L. Rose, Russell A. Mittermeier, Olivier Langrand, Okyeame Ampadu-Agyei, and Thomas M. Butynski. Photography by Karl Ammann, 2004.

Bats of Papua New Guinea Field Guide
By Frank J. Bonaccorso, Illustrated by Fiona A. Reid, Aldi Oyarzabal, Stephen D. Nash, Lester Seri, Michael Hedemark, 1998. (490 pp., $40.00)
Order through University of Chicago Press

A Field Guide to the Families and Genera of Woody Plants of Northwest South America
By Alwyn H. Gentry,1993. (291 pp., $85.00)
Order through University of Chicago Press

Wildlife Spectacles
By Russell Mittermeier, Patricio Robles Gil, Cristina G. Mittermeier, Thomas Brooks, Michael Hoffman, William R. Konstant, Gustavo A.B. Da Fonseca, and Roderic B. Mast, 2003.

Wilderness: Earth's Last Wild Places
By Russell Mittermeier, Cristina Goettsch Mittermeier, Patricio Robles Gil, Gustavo Fonseca, Thomas Brooks, John Pilgrim, and William R. Konstant, 2002.

Journals and Periodicals
The Center for Applied Biodiversity Science's (CABS) website offers publications geared towards conservation professionals, researchers and scientists. CABS publications include downloadable reports, maps, CD-ROMS and publications you can order.

For papers related to policy issues, and business and the environment: visit The Center for Environmental Leadership in Business' (CELB) website for a full list of their publications.


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