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Conservation International (CI) creates and distributes documentaries to promote conservation around the world.

CI's broadcast-quality video productions are instrumental tools used by scholars, universities and schools to increase biodiversity conservation awareness.

CI's photographic images and video footage are also available for licensing. Those interested should visit CI's Newsroom for information on Images and Footage.


CI Trilogy
This DVD Presents the three programs – Megadiversity, Hotspots, and Wilderness - that tell the stories of the biologically-richest places on Earth, where we can still find especially high numbers of species that exist nowhere else.

World Legacy Awards 2002
This short documentary profiles the three 2002 World Legacy Award winners. It is a call to action for the global tourism industry to adopt sustainable tourism practices.

Wilderness areas are the focus of this video which describes the vital link between the protection of these areas and the survival of the indigenous cultures that inhabit them.

Highlighting the world's most biologically remarkable countries, this video explains the megadiversity concept.

Journey to some of the Earth's most endangered natural areas with CI's president, Dr. Russell Mittermeier.


This video shows Liberia’s great conservation opportunity in spite of critical and severe challenges.

This DVD includes: Fanamby: The Bet, Mikiaka Manantena: A Cry of Hope, and Daraina: In Search of Daraina’s Gold.

Protecting Africa's Natural Heritage
Mohamed Bakaar, a conservation biologist at Conservation International, and native of Sierra Leone takes us through the beauty of Africa and the importance of protected areas for all Africans.

Mikiaka Manantena is a cry of hope, not only for the lemurs, but also for the future of Madagascar. This video presents Madagascar's unique natural beauty through two important protected forests, Andasibe and Ranomafana.

Say NO to Bushmeat
This short documentary is a call for awareness to revert the threat of bushmeat trade - a $350 million dollar industry involving more than 350,000 metric tons of wild animal meat which is sold in Ghana's major market. Bushmeat is one of the most alarming threats to the survival of wildlife in West Africa and the main cause for the "empty forest syndrome."

Langoué: A Treasure in Gabon
This documentary features the discovery of Langoué Forest in Central Gabon. Langoué is one of the last remaining pristinge blocks of forests in Central Africa.

This short documentary is an informational piece to present CI's work in Africa's most remarkable hotspots and wilderness areas and the major threats facing conservation in these regions.

Odzala National Park is located in the Congo basin, the world's second largest tropical forest, after Amazonia, and one of the largest remaining tropical wilderness areas.

A documentary highlighting Madagascar's rich biodiversity, as well as its current threats.


This short documentary presents recent data and live testimonies about the main challenges in the Brazilian Amazon.

This DVD compilation presents the three videos – Return to Tambopata, Chalalan: The Story of a Dream, and Treasures Without Borders.

This DVD compilation presents the three videos – Return to Tambopata, Chalalan: The Story of a Dream, and Treasures Without Borders.

Kanuku, Mountains of Life
The Kanuku Mountains are part of a vast pristine wilderness area that stretches across the Guayana Shield, the oldest land formation in South America. This video reveals some of the amazing beauty of the region and records the testimonies of the people who live there.

Treasures Without Borders
This documentary is a 26-minute journey through one of the planet's most biologically diverse and visually spectacular regions: The Vilcabamba-Amboró Conservation Corridor.

Redesigning the Landscape
This documentary describes how all land elements - parks, nature and private reserves, gallery forests, agricultural lands, cattle ranches, and reforestation areas - are important, and can fit together like a puzzle to build conservation corridors.

The muriqui is the largest monkey of the Americas and one of the most endangered primates of the world.

The ecological lodge located near the Chalalán Lake in the heart of Bolivia's Madidi National Park, is the result of the dream of a local community: San José de Uchupiamonas.

A Dream for Guyana's Natural Heritage
A video produced as the centerpiece of an awareness campaign to promote the establishment of a protected areas system in Guyana.

Voices of the Pantanal
This documentary, about one of the most remarkable wetland areas in the world, Brazil's Pantanal, invites the public to reflect about the best development alternatives for the area.

Return to Tambopata
A journey through the Tambopata Candamo Reserved Zone in Peru, one of Earth's most biologically diverse areas.

Yepi (Help)
A look into Suriname, a country still blanketed by tropical rain forests, threatened by large-scale logging.

Between Two Futures
A close look at the destruction of rainforest in the Petén region of Guatemala, filmed in the Maya Biosphere Reserve.

Atlantic Forest
A short documentary on Brazil's unique Atlantic Forest.

Biosphere Reserves in Tropical America
A video tour of Latin American Biosphere Reserves

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