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Now you can experience the rare wildlife and beautiful landscapes of Earth's biodiversity hotspots – right at your desk!

Screen Savers
Bird's Head Seascape Marine RAP 2006
Not far from the Foja Mountains, where a CI team recently discovered a "lost world" of rare plants and animals, another CI-led expedition found a new trove of extraordinary marine biodiversity.
For Windows PC (.zip – 2.4 MB)
For Mac OSX (.sitx – 2.6 MB)
Madagascar Marine RAP 2006
CI's intrepid Marine Rapid Assessment Program (RAP) discovered a wealth of diversity along Madagascar's unexplored northeast coast.
For Windows PC (.zip – 2.7 MB)
For Mac OSX (.sitx – 2.9 MB)
African Wildlife
Eight of Earth's biodiversity hotspots are in Africa – a hub of rare and unique species.
For Windows PC (.zip – 2.7 MB)
For Mac OSX (.sitx – 2.9 MB)
Foja Mountains RAP 2006
CI's Bruce Beehler and an international team of scientists uncovered a trove of new and "missing" species in the Foja Mountains.
For Windows PC (.zip – 3.2 MB)
For Mac OSX (.sitx – 3.5 MB)
Scenes From Madagascar
Madagascar and its neighboring island groups are home to 8 plant families, 4 bird families, and 5 primate families found nowhere else on Earth.
For Windows PC (.zip – 2.5 MB)
For Mac OSX (.sitx – 2.8 MB)


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