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Now, more than ever, your everyday actions count.

CI partners with committed businesses to provide you with more options to support our mission and protect biodiversity. These opportunities allow you to participate in biodiversity conservation in two distinct ways:

  1. When you purchase some of the products listed below, CI will receive a direct contribution to support our activities in the field, or
  2. You can support CI indirectly through the efforts of local communities that operate environmentally friendly businesses in the biodiversity hotspots.
Also, consider incorporating conservation into your daily life by visiting our Investigate Biodiversity Web site.

Bank of America
Through our partnership with Bank of America and its "Vanishing Species" checks, bill paying can benefit CI's conservation efforts. For every box ordered, CI receives 50 cents to fund projects in the biodiversity hotspots. Make a personal statement about your commitment to biodiversity conservation with checks that feature stunning photos of endangered species, include CI’s logo, and are printed on recycled paper.

eBay Giving Works
Nearly 100 million people like you use eBay everyday to buy and sell everything from antiques to household items. Now you can use eBay to support CI. eBay allows registered users to sell items through their Giving Works program. You can donate part or all of your auction proceeds to CI.

Marich Confectionery
Candy is not only a sweet treat to eat – it is also a sweet treat for the environment. With their “Caring Through Candy” program, each time you purchase tasty treats from the Marich Confectionery Web site you can donate five percent of the sale to CI. At the end of your order, select “Conservation International” from the list of beneficiaries and you will help us protect biodiversity.

Office Depot
Pens, paper, binders, printer cartridges – the essential items in any office. Where you get those items, however, can make a difference. Office Depot makes it possible for you to purchase office supplies and support CI at the same time. By following this link, CI will receive between 2 and 7 percent of the dollar amount purchased each month. Office Depot also offers a variety of recycled products – search on “recycled” to get a complete list.

Starbucks Coffee Company
There is no easier way to support CI than by buying a cup of coffee. In collaboration with CI’s Conservation Coffee™ program, CI and Starbucks developed Starbucks® Organic Shade-Grown Mexico, Conservation Colombia™ and Starbucks® Peru. These coffees are available in select international and Starbucks-licensed stores. When you purchase these products you support CI and its efforts to make Conservation Coffee™ a viable and competitive product in future markets such as Costa Rica, Indonesia and Panama.

Stonyfield Farm
Ever wish you could do something more with your yogurt lid, besides throw it away? Now's your chance. CI is one of three environmental organizations selected to participate in Stonyfield Farm's "Bid With Your Lid" promotion. You can support CI by bidding with your Stonyfield Farm yogurt lids from July 1 to October 15 or by casting a vote online.

United Airlines
Through their Commitment to Community, United Airlines offers two ways to Support CI – the Charity Miles and Change the World with your Change programs. When you donate your unused travel miles to CI, money that would normally pay for airfare goes to support programs in the field. Additionally, United Airlines’ Change the World with your Change program allows international travelers to donate spare foreign currency to CI.

Xēko Mission: Madagascar
The mysterious and fantastic creatures that inhabit the island nation of Madagascar can be explored as never before through Xēko Mission: Madagascar (pronounced “zee-ko”), a new trading card game that challenges players to build the strongest “Xēko -system.” Befitting the game’s eco-theme, Seattle-based Matter Group will donate four percent of the net sales to support CI’s real world efforts to protect Madagascar and the Earth’s other 34-biodiversity hotspots.


© Bank of America
Bank of America's Vanishing Species checks feature CI's logo.

© Starbucks Coffee Company
Look for Shade Grown Mexico coffee at your local Starbucks.

© Office Depot
Office Depot makes it possible for you to purchase office supplies and support CI at the same time by following this link when you order online.

© Matter Group
Matter Group's Xēko Mission: Madagascar two-player game transports players to the African island to explore its plant and animal species and help defend it from destruction.

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