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Investing in Biodiversity Conservation

To create a net benefit for the environment, we work with companies to go beyond the mitigation of their ecological footprint by offering a variety of methods to invest financial and other resources in biodiversity conservation. With our partners, we have helped to create protected areas, develop community-based conservation enterprises and restore native forests.

Business & Biodiversity Council
This new council, created by CI, provides a forum for leading companies to contribute to conservation while gaining valuable insights from other Council members and from CI staff and board members. more

Conservation Carbon Investments
To simultaneously address climate change, biodiversity loss, and economic development, we have developed a portfolio of carbon offset projects as investment opportunities. more

Creation of protected areas
As sanctuaries for biodiversity, protected areas help to ensure the health of a region’s ecosystem services, such as watershed protection and air filtration. Protected areas can also be an important source of resources for local people who live in a region. We work with companies to help establish protected areas in critical ecosystems.

Community-based conservation enterprises
If tropical ecosystems are to be conserved, the people who depend on them for their livelihoods must survive, too. In partnership with CI’s Conservation Enterprise Program, we engage corporations to support the development of local businesses.



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