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Conservation Policy & Planning

Too often, development and conservation goals are in conflict because of poor planning and communication. We encourage industry leaders, conservation organizations and governments to formulate policies and regional plans that protect the highest priority areas for conservation, while allowing carefully managed development to proceed in other areas. By engaging all stakeholders early in the development process, potential conflicts can be minimized, and positive gains can be realized for both conservation and industry.

In Brazil's Cerrado ecosystems, we are working with Bunge Limited, Brazil's largest soybean processor, to help soy farmers establish private reserves on their land. Similarly, in Brazil's Atlantic Forest, we are working with leading forestry companies, through the Instituto BioAtlântica, to help double the amount of natural forest under legal protected status in the region.

We also work at an international level to ensure that climate change policies protect biodiversity and do not unwittingly create incentives for conversion of natural forests. Through the Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance, we are working with a consortium of companies and conservation organizations to develop, test and promote standards for land-based climate change mitigation projects. In addition to addressing climate change, these standards will help to ensure that projects consider sustainable local economic development and ecosystem restoration and conservation.



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