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Executive Director's Office
Glenn Prickett, Executive Director
/ bio

Inmaculada Aldamiz-Echebarria, Executive Assistant

Climate & Water Initiatives
Michael Totten, Senior Director, Climate & Water Initiatives
/ bio

Sonal Pandya Dalal, Manager, Carbon Offsets Program
/ bio

John Niles, Manager, Climate Change

Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries Industries
Justin Ward, Director, Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries

/ bio

John Buchanan, Director, Agriculture
/ bio

Bambi Semroc, Research Anaylst

Energy & Mining Industries
Assheton Carter, PhD, Director, Energy & Mining
/ bio

Greg Love, Manager, Field Engagement
/ bio

Marielle Canter, Project Coordinator

Travel & Leisure Industries
Jamie Sweeting, Director, Travel & Leisure
/ bio

Sarah Raposa, Manager, Travel & Leisure

Business Development & Marketing
Amy Skoczlas, Senior Director, Business Development & Marketing / bio

Jason Anderson, Media Manager
/ bio

Laury Saligman, Manager, New Media & Publications

Angie Prosek, Manager, Corporate Partnerships

Frank Stewart, Associate

Finance, Strategic Planning & Operations
Ben Vitale, Director, Finance & Strategic Planning

Maggie Bowne, Coordinator, Events & Information

Edith Mahi, Coordinator, Finance

Nenita De Guzman, Associate

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