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Director, Travel and Leisure Industry Initiatives
Center for Environmental Leadership in Business

Manchester University, U.K.: B.A. (Hons), Leisure and
Business Management

Prior to joining the Center for Environmental Leadership in Business, Jamie Sweeting was Manager of the Ecotourism Program in CI's Conservation Enterprise Department, where his work involved close collaboration with CI's field offices to develop and implement ecotourism projects in more than a dozen countries. Sweeting managed the program's resort development, marketing and publications intitiatives and oversaw the development and launch of the Ecotravel Center, a comprehensive ecotourism Internet resource.

In his current role, Sweeting engages leading tourism corporations to limit their environmental footprint and maximize their contribution to conservation. Armed with his expertise in the field of ecotourism, Sweeting is able to assist companies in identifying the business benefits of becoming leaders in the tourism industry in terms of biodiversity conservation and community development.

Before coming to CI in 1995, Sweeting worked as an information specialist for the Ecotourism Society and conducted a special management project on ecotourism in the Caribbean.

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