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Northern Mesoamerica
Investment Priorities
Full Strategy
Project Database for this Region

Southern Mesoamerica
Investment Priorities
Full Strategy
Project Database for this Region

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Fact sheet English (PDF, 50 KB) / Español (PDF, 88 KB)

Northern Mesoamerica:
- Full strategy with graphics: English (PDF, 1 MB) / Español (PDF, 1 MB)
- Map of CEPF conservation targets in the region (PDF, 2.5 MB)

Southern Mesoamerica:
- Assessing Five Years of CEPF Investment in the Mesoamerica Biodiversity Hotspot (Southern Mesoamerica) (PDF, 320 KB), April 2007
- Full strategy with graphics: English (PDF, 747 KB) / Español (PDF, 753 KB)

Northern Mesoamerica Investment Priorities

Strategic Directions Investment Priorities
1.  Foster civil society participation in regional decisionmaking on select policies and investments to promote the conservation and sustainable development of the Selva Maya and the Selva Zoque and Chiapas/Guatemala Highlands corridors 1.1  Promote policy reforms that integrate biodiversity conservation in agriculture, infrastructure development, forest fires and tourism
1.2  Develop and strengthen collaborative networks that enable civil society to influence investments with corridor-wide impacts (such as Mundo Maya, PPP, CAFTA) and to foster coordination of current activities
1.3  Build and support action-oriented associations focused on conservation-based enterprises to identify and share lessons learned and to facilitate their growth
1.4  Promote the introduction and use of new sustainable conservation financing mechanisms, focusing on payments for environmental services. *CEPF will not provide funding for the actual payments, but will fund analysis and promotion of different models
1.5  Support corridor-level biological and environmental management monitoring relevant for understanding the state of biodiversity conservation for decisionmaking
2.  Collaborate with other donor-funded projects to facilitate and operationalize successful conservation activities in Northern Mesoamerica's eight most important key biodiversity areas 2.1  Increase coordination of key stakeholder groups to plan and implement initiatives in the eight priority key biodiversity areas
2.2  Increase local government and NGO capacity for forest fire prevention and control, enforcement of land tenure laws and the prevention of illegal hunting and timber harvesting
2.3  Build civil society capacity to support the mitigation of impacts of proposed infrastructure projects on biodiversity, focusing on roads and dams
2.4  Assess the adequacy of coverage of protected areas, and lay the groundwork for declaration of new private and public reserves
3.  Support priority conservation actions in three priority key biodiversity areas 3.1  Strengthen management of Sierra de las Minas in areas such as facilitating payments for watershed services, stakeholder coordination, and reduction in timber harvesting
3.2   Strengthen management of Laguna del Tigre in areas such as fire management, conflict resolution and economic alternatives to deforestation
3.3  Strengthen management of Chiquibul/Montañas Mayas in areas such as xate harvesting and the protection of the Macal River valley
4.  Support efforts to prevent the extinction of Northern Mesoamerica’s 106 Critically Endangered species 4.1  Improve protection of Critically Endangered species through enhanced knowledge of their conservation needs, increased local capacity to conserve these species and investments in field conservation and protection projects
4.2  Increase coordination of efforts to improve the protection of critically endangered species through the exchange and consolidation of data and information
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