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A message from CI's leadership
Welcome to Conservation International's 2005 Annual Report. Solutions to broad environmental challenges require that we have our heads in the sky and feet in the mud. At Conservation International (CI), we are confident that we can influence leaders, shape policies, engage indigenous peoples, motivate corporate change, and encourage the public to embrace conservation for the good of all. We must engage all sectors of society and we must raise the global community’s understanding of the need to make conservation an intrinsic component of inevitable social evolution. The consequences of inaction are dire. We must succeed. We are succeeding. As a single organization, CI will achieve our goals by catalyzing partners to work toward these shared objectives. We have defined our direction and the engaged our partners, in pursuit of our commitments and our values. This Annual Report underscores CI's determination to broaden conservation engagement to all sectors of society. Globally, fiscal year 2005 marked continued progress against our increasingly ambitious goals:
  • We invested $115 million in conservation initiatives — a 25 percent increase over fiscal year 2004 — vastly enhancing the efforts of more than 800 CI employees and a growing list of partners.
  • CI identified nine new hotspots, increasing our priority action areas from 25 to 34.
  • We responded swiftly to the 2004 South Asian tsunami by combining emergency humanitarian relief with conservation efforts. We are now focusing on replanting mangroves to restore coastal wetlands, and rehabilitating damaged natural resources such as fresh water and fertile soil.
  • CI continues to partner with national leaders to help these heads of state improve the quality of life for their people. Along with the presidents of Guyana, São Tomé, Suriname, and Tanzania, Madagascar President Marc Ravalomanana became the fifth head of state to meet with us in fiscal year 2005 to discuss collaboration on protecting their nations' natural resources.
  • Finally, fiscal year 2005 marked the early stages of our 6-year Future for Life campaign to raise more than a billion dollars for global conservation. The campaign's success will enable CI to leverage at least $5 billion more and will set the course for a new age of global conservation. This new course will ensure that future generations continue to reap the benefits that nature provides for us all.
Peter A. Seligmann, Chairman and CEO
Russell A. Mittermeier, President

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