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On August 30, 2002, two initiatives in which the Center participated were honored with awards at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa. These awards, presented by the International Chamber of Commerce and the United Nations Environment Programme, recognize effective multi-stakeholder partnerships that pursue and achieve sustainable development. More than 120 partnership nominations from 37 countries - involving businesses, industry sector associations, non-governmental organizations, governments and international agencies and institutions, were received. The Center initiatives that were honored include:

STARBUCKS-CONSERVATION INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSHIP, which encompasses the development of Conservation Coffee" as well as the coffee purchasing guidelines developed with the Center. The goal of the guidelines is to support Starbuck's commitment to purchase coffee that has been grown and processed by suppliers who meet important environmental, social, economic and quality standards.

For more information:
Starbucks Green Coffee Purchasing Guidelines
Conservation Principles for Coffee Production
Conservation Coffee
Conservation Coffee & Hotspots Map

THE ENERGY & BIODIVERSITY INITIATIVE, convened by the Center, brings together five conservation organizations and four oil and gas companies to develop tools and guidelines for integrating biodiversity into oil and gas development. The International Chamber of Commerce and the United Nationals Environment Programme highlighted this initiative as one of the top four global partnerships.

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THE SUSTAINABLE FORESTRY INITIATIVE, a comprehensive program of forestry and conservation practices designed to ensure that future generations of Americans will have the same abundant forests that we enjoy today. It's the largest sustainable forestry and certification program in the world, encompassing nearly 94 million acres of forestland throughout North America and over four million acres in Florida. The Center and Conservation International are participants on this initiative.

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