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Integrating Biodiversity Conservation into Oil and Gas Development

Leading energy companies increasingly perceive the value of integrating biodiversity conservation into upstream oil and gas development. To develop and promote biodiversity conservation practices for meeting this goal, several of these companies have joined with leading conservation organizations to form the Energy & Biodiversity Initiative (EBI), a partnership convened by the Center for Environmental Leadership in Business. Launched in January 2001, the EBI has brought together nine organizations-BP, ChevronTexaco, Conservation International, Fauna and Flora International, The Nature Conservancy, Shell, Smithsonian Institution, Statoil, and IUCN - The World Conservation Union-to produce practical guidelines, tools and models to improve the environmental performance of energy operations, minimize harm to biodiversity, and maximize opportunities for conservation wherever oil and gas resources are developed.

During the past two and a half years, the EBI member organizations have met as a group 9 times and worked together to produce the products on this website. In addition, the group has consulted with key stakeholders from industry, academia, and the environmental community. In particular, a Consultative Workshop was held in January 2002 to solicit input from these constituencies. The next step of the EBI is to explore possibilities to test, refine, and promote the guidelines and recommendations outlined in the report with various stakeholders.

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EBI Report:Biodiversity Conservation into Oil and Gas Development
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Consultative Workshop Agenda and List of Attendees

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