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As global demand for energy and minerals grows, oil, gas and mining companies are expanding into biodiversity-rich ecosystems around the world. The increasingly open political and economic climate in many developing countries, coupled with technology improvements in resource extraction, now makes development of remote, untouched areas economically viable. The growth of these activities in sensitive ecosystems presents risks to biodiversity through land-clearing, habitat conversion, soil and air contamination and colonization along roads and pipeline paths.

Yet natural resource development can also provide vital resources for local communities and conservation
of affected ecosystems. Pressure
for improved performance from governments and financial institutions has reinforced the idea that responsible environmental and social practice is part of a "license to operate". In recent years, energy
and mining companies have begun
to realize the value of good practices for their bottom lines.

The Center's Energy & Mining program collaborates closely with companies from the oil, gas and mining industries, as well as conservation groups, development agencies, governments and community leaders to develop and implement practices that minimize impact on sensitive ecosystems and contribute to conservation.

Learn more about the Energy and Biodiversity Initiative (EBI) convened by the Center for Environmental Leadership in Business.

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