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The Ecotourism program at Conservation International has a number of internal and external resources that it uses, collaborates or refers to. The following descriptions are links to these different resources.

Funding Resources
These are organizations that fund or partner with small to medium sized enterprises, community groups, or larger businesses on the importance of biodiversity and their strategies on conserving these areas.

Statistical Resources
These are links to organizations that give general information on tourism, ecotourism and sustainable tourism in the world. There is also information on biodiversity and threatened and endangered species.

The Ecotourism program works with directly and indirectly with a number of CI programs. There are also a host of organizations that CI ecotourism has worked along with a wealth of websites dealing with ecotourism and sustainable tourism.

Publications and Factsheets
There are a number of publications that the CI Ecotoursim program has authored or co-authored. Also CELB's Tourism and Leisure program has authored and co-authored several publication pieces on tourism.

Good Practice Resources
These are links to organizations and resources which advance good practice guides for the tourism industry. The Ecotourism program has worked closely with its partners to create ecosystem-specific good practice guides, as well as to promote the work of other leading organizations.

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Sunset on the Fazenda Rio Negro, Brazil

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