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Western Ghats & Sri Lanka

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Western Ghats & Sri Lanka Hotspot Investment Priorities

Strategic Directions Investment Priorities
1. Enable action by diverse communities and partnerships to ensure conservation of key biodiversity areas and enhance connectivity in the corridors

1.1  Test pilot models of community and private reserves to achieve conservation outcomes at priority sites and critical links in unprotected areas of the Anamalai and Malnad-Kodagu corridors as well as the Brahmagiri-Nagarhole critical link in the Mysore-Nilgiri corridor

1.2  Promote partnerships to identify, evaluate, and advocate for suitable mechanisms that incorporate critical links (biological corridors) into the protected area network in the Periyar-Agastyamalai, Mysore-Nilgiri, and Malnad-Kodagu corridors

1.3  Support civil society to establish partnerships with state agencies to implement science-based management and conservation of priority sites in the Mysore-Hilgiri corridor
2. Improve the conservation of globally threatened species through systematic conservation planning and action

2.1  Monitor and assess the conservation status of globally threatened species with an emphasis on lesser-known organisms such as reptiles and fish

2.2  Support efforts to conserve Critically Endangered and Endangered species through the creation and implementation of species recovery and management plans

2.3  Evaluate the existing protected area network for adequate globally threatened species representation and assess effectiveness of protected area types in biodiversity conservation

2.4  Support interdisciplinary efforts to analyze and disseminate biodiversity data
3. Provide strategic leadership and effective coordination of CEPF investment through a regional implementation team

3.1  Build a broad constituency of civil society groups working across institutional and political boundaries toward achieving the shared conservation goals described in the ecosystem profile
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