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In Focus Features - 2002
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December 2002

Table Mountain Fund Awards First Grants to Create Conservation Role Models

Eleven people will soon be on the path to conservation leadership positions in South Africa as the first to benefit from the WWF-South Africa Table Mountain Fund Capacity Building Program in the Cape Floristic Region biodiversity hotspot.

November 2002

Organizations Participate in CEPF Workshop at Global Conference

Four CEPF grantees from Africa, Asia and Latin America gave presentations on their conservation projects in a special workshop on the CEPF during the Global Environment Facility's Second Assembly held Oct. 16-18 in Beijing. CEPF donor partners hosted this workshop to increase awareness about CEPF results among representatives from ministries of environment and finance attending the assembly.

October 2002

WWF Helps Develop Framework for Investment in the Caucasus

The Caucasus biodiversity hotspot is home to leopard, wild boar, West Caucasian tur, bezoar goat and numerous flagship bird species. The Caucasus is also categorized as a Global 200 Ecoregion by WWF, which has worked for more than a decade to ensure conservation of the biodiversity in this mountainous range.

September 2002

BirdLife to Build Constituency for Conservation in Madagascar

BirdLife International has embarked on an initiative to establish a Malagasy organization as an official partner, a long-term project that will help meet a critical need for conservation capacity building in Madagascar. The project will also help build a national constituency for bird and biodiversity conservation.

August 2002

Sharing Knowledge of Conservation Priorities in West Africa

The Upper Guinean Forest stretches approximately 420,000 square kilometers across six countries, but centuries of human activity have resulted in a loss of more than 70 percent of the original forest cover and left the remaining forest highly fragmented. Determining where and how best to focus conservation efforts is vital for lasting success but so, too, is widely sharing the results. One project is helping meet the challenge.

July 2002

Alliance Makes Strides to Save Sumatra Lowland Forest

Tiger poaching, unsustainable logging and human-elephant conflict are three of the main issues being addressed by CEPF-supported projects to set aside the Tesso Nilo forest of Sumatra as a protected area. In this effort, led by WWF in Indonesia, more than 30 local organizations have formed an alliance to save Tesso Nilo.

June 2002

Developing a Communications Strategy for the Vilcabamba-Amboró Corridor

Creating a broad, local constituency for biodiversity conservation goals is a major challenge but vital to ensure the success and sustainability of efforts. One major piece of a CEPF-funded project to meet the challenge in the Tropical Andes is a collaborative communications strategy development process that has proven successful in numerous countries.

May 2002

TROPICO Ecological Restoration Project

Destructive gold mining is taking a serious toll on habitats across the Tropical Andes hotspot, eliminating native vegetation and filling rivers with sediment and pollutants. This month, a local organization will launch a community project to begin reversing the damage in Bolivia's Rio Tipuani Valley and, ultimately, create a model for other communities.

April 2002

Monitoring Illegal Killing of Elephants

Assessing the impact of international trade decisions is a complex business. In the case of elephants, an unprecedented system is being put in place to track developments on the ground and to help determine trends and causes in changing populations.

March 2002

Association Fanamby

Association Fanamby is a rising star in Madagascar as an NGO with the ability to undertake effective, collaborative initiatives at high levels and within communities. Among the beneficiaries is the endangered golden-crowned sifaka lemur.

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