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Agriculture and Fisheries

Meeting a Critical Need
Meeting humanity's growing demand for food and fiber without sacrificing natural ecosystems will continue to be a major challenge in the decades ahead. On average, 14 million hectares of tropical forest have been converted for crops and livestock each year since 1980. Over-fishing has pushed three-fourths of the global marine fish stocks to their biological limits.

In partnership with leading companies within agriculture and fisheries supply chains, we are conserving biodiversity in key ecosystems impacted by food production.

Bunge Limited. We are working with Bunge Limited, the largest soybean processor in Brazil, to assist farmers in establishing private reserves and create incentives for farmers to implement agricultural practices that reduce the ecological impacts of soy cultivation. more

Colombian Coffee Federation. In partnership with the Colombian Coffee Federation (FNC), which represents 500,000 Colombian farmers, we have developed the Conservation Guidelines for Coffee Production in Colombia. more

Conservation Principles for Coffee Production. In partnership with the Rainforest Alliance and the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, and with the guidance of coffee growers, importers, roasters, retailers and environmentalists, we have developed a comprehensive set of guidelines for producing environmentally friendly coffee. more

McDonald's. We are working with McDonald's, the world's leading food-service retailer, to develop guidelines that provide a framework for its suppliers to integrate principles of resource and biodiversity conservation in food production and fish sourcing. more

Starbucks. We are working with Starbucks, the world's leading specialty coffee retailer, to provide incentives for growers to incorporate environmental and social considerations into coffee production. more


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Combine harvester, Brazil.

Bunge Limited
Colombian Coffee Federation
Consumer's Choice Council
Rainforest Alliance
Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center

John Buchanan
Senior Director
Agriculture & Fisheries

Bambi Semroc
Senior Manager, Technical Solutions
Agriculture & Fisheries

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