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McDonald's Corporation

Much of our partnership with McDonald's is focused on supporting McDonald's socially responsible food supply vision and achieving conservation benefits by developing and demonstrating ways to incorporate resource and biodiversity conservation criteria into McDonald's food supply chain.

  • In 2007, McDonald’s and CI collaborated on the launch of “The Bee Movie” Happy Meal. CI helped develop an online feature for the Meals, called “Bee Good to the Planet” pledge, which encourages children to become more active with environmental issues and get outside to enjoy what their local environments have to offer. In addition, McDonald’s generously pledged funds to go directly to assisting crucial bee habitat in Mexico and South Africa that will help to ensure that these important species will continue to pollinate for a long time to come.

  • In 2002, CI and McDonald’s launched an initiative to examine how McDonald’s, with more than 30,000 restaurants in 120 countries, could encourage use of best practices throughout its global supply chains by building incentives for improved environmental stewardship into supply chain management systems. McDonald’s and CI joint work in this area focused on fisheries and agricultural-based food supply chains.more

  • McDonald's is a founding member of CI's Business & Biodiversity Council, a community of companies committed to leveraging their business experience and resources to conserve biodiversity. more

  • From 1991-1997 McDonald's, Texas A&M, Clemson University and CI partnered on the Amistad Conservation and Development Initiative. The project worked directly with small farming communities in Costa Rica and Panama on issues including forestry, agriculture, soil conservation, environmental education and community development.

  • In 1990, McDonald's supported a joint project by CI and Kurtis Productions to produce a video entitled The Rainforest Imperative. The video aired on the A&E Network over a two year period. A 20-minute version of the video continues to be used as part of the Rain Forest Teaching Kit for teachers which McDonald's distributes free on its website through the companies Educational Resource Center.

  • McDonald's and CI designed and released the Discover the Rain Forest Happy Meals in 1991. A portion of each sale went directly to support rainforest conservation efforts.

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 Photo credits for banner image: (Zebras in Botswana) © CI, Chris Brooks