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The Center For Environmental Leadership In Business

Even the small things make a difference!


As global demand for energy and minerals grows, oil, gas and mining companies are expanding into biodiversity-rich ecosystems around the world.

Clean Water

Businesses that demonstrate environmental leadership can help assure themselves of ample, long-term supplies of clean water, positive public visibility, and a healthy, engaged local employee base.


Agriculture and fisheries businesses can benefit by gaining public recognition for their responsiveness to consumer concerns while helping to sustain the natural resources that guarantee enduring food and fiber supplies.

About Us

The Center for Environmental Leadership in Business provides a new forum for collaboration between the private sector and the environmental community. The Center promotes business practices that reduce industry’s ecological footprint, contribute to conservation, and create value for the companies that adopt them. The result is a net benefit for the global environment and for participating companies.

Climate Change

engaging industry in limiting the build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by reducing industry’s own emissions and by offsetting emissions through forest conservation, renewable energy and energy efficient projects.

The Center engages those industries that have the greatest impact on critical ecosystems and those with the greatest potential to promote positive change. These include agriculture, fisheries, forestry, energy, mining, travel and leisure, transportation, manufacturing, and financial services.

Our Blog

Choosing The Right Herbs for Your Keto Diet

All herbs and supplements mentioned in this blog about keto are considered safe and beneficial for weight loss. However according to ketoSumo, the ideal herbs and supplements are the ones combatable with your temperament type.

Choleric Type

As choleric type functions better with dryness, dry herbal remedies such as pills or capsules are their ideal form of supplements. Herbs used as teas and beverages should be used rarely (E.g. Yerba Mate, Green tea, Hibiscus, Triphala). Also, as choleric type is prone to high blood pressure, green coffee and guarana should be avoided because of their high content of caffeine ketosis.

Coleus Forskohlii appears to be an ideal herb for the choleric type as it is able to prevent/treat hypertension, decrease body weight and body fat, and it can be used in dry form. In addition, another useful herb for the choleric type appears to be the White Mulberry, African mango seed extract because it can lower bad cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease, a condition that the choleric type is very likely to develop.

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Sanguine Type

As sanguine types function better with warmth and moisture, herbal remedies in the form of tea are considered to be their ideal form of supplements. Also, as sanguine type is prone to diabetes and heart disease; cold-nature supplements and supplements that may increase the risk of diabetes/hypertension should be avoided (E.g. CLA, Guarana).

An ideal herb for this type of temperament is ginseng because it can have both antiobesity and antidiabetes effects and can be consumed in the form of tea. , Gymnema Sylvestre , Digestive enzymes Triphala ,Kelp,Saffron,can also be considered as a good natural remedy for people of the sanguine type as well as Yerba Mate because it lowers bad cholesterol levels. Be careful of herbal aids with high caffeine content.

Phlegmatic Type As people of the phlegmatic type usually struggle with water retention, diuretic herbs like celery seeds, dandelion, fennel, parsley and buchu can be very beneficial for this temperament type. Also, as this type usually suffers from slow metabolism, supplements rich in caffeine, especially Guarana in the form of elixir (cold & wet nature), and green coffee extract can be considered as ideal supplements because they can act as stimulants and speed up Basal Metabolic Rate. What is more, caffeine is diuretic and can help decrease water retention in your ketogenic diet.

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Melancholic Type As people of the melancholic type usually suffer from bad sleeping quality and insomnia, supplements that are known to cause/enhance sleeping problems (e.g. Ginseng and African mango) should be avoided keto os cost. Garcinia Cambogia, Saffron, in capsule form is considered an ideal supplement for the melancholic temperament as it has the ability to reduce abdominal fat, the type of body fat that melancholic types are prone to develop. Saffron, 5-HTP,GABA can also be considered as a good natural remedy for people of the melancholic type with sleeping and mood disturbance. Vitamin D supplements can also be very beneficial for people with a melancholic temperament as they can support abdominal fat reduction.

Can you lead a life without pain? Is it really possible?

Well, pain is something that is known to have an impact on one’s life and it can be tough to live with pain. People need to find ways to overcome pain but that is not something very easy to do. There are lots of people who have a problem of chronic pain and are not able to overcome it, after trying various things out also. Are you having a tough time with pain and do you want to get rid of this issue for that you will need to work very hard and look for solutions you cannot live a life with pain. So you need to look for options. There are lots of people who are not sure how to handle pain and for them, it becomes very tough. So it is very important that one is looking for something which can help you overcome pain and there is nothing better than the CBD oil. Any idea about what is CBD oil? Let us read further to know more about this.

This oil is known to work very well and give very good results in quick time. Since it is in demand people of all age groups are making use of this. So if you want to get relief from pain start making use of this and you will be very surprised t see the result and feel better. So what are you waiting for? If you want to know what is CBD oil? Then you should continue reading this article will give you lots of good information on this subject.

In some regions making use of this oil is not allowed at all and hence people are very confused whether they can make use of this or not. One can make use of this only if the land of the law is allowing it. Once you get that then things will be very easy and you will never come into problems. Many people have got stuck due to ignorance and cannot ignore that. If you come on the wrong side of the law then no one can save you and one needs to take care.

If you do not know what is CBD oil? Then you are really new to this. This is oil is known to do wonders and give you good health a relief from pain in a quick time. Lots of people from all over the world are making use of this oil. Though in certain regions there is a problem and the usage of this oil is restricted due to the content of marijuana in it. If that is the case in your region, you should respect the law of the land and try and avoid this. This oil is known to work very well with pain and also with mood improvements and hence people who have a problem it depression are also making use of this and it is known to give good results so what are you waiting for. Just go in for something which is going to help you get the job done in a simple way.

This is very easily available in form of a vape, cream, oil or powder. Based on what you prefer you can go in for it. This also comes with lots of flavors and that helps you go in for something that you can enjoy. Keep in mind that you can have THC and that can help you a great deal. Keep one thing in mind, that if we make use of small capsules, they are one of the best and simplest ways of getting things done and will give you very good results and you will never have a problem. Many people do not like the taste or smell of the oil and they need to look for options. Small capsules are one of the best ways of getting things done and you will not need to worry about anything. Lots of people

So what are you waiting for? Just live a pain-free life and you will not need to worry about anything else. You can enjoy your time. If you have a healthy life then you will not need to worry about anything. So make use of this and you will see some very good effects and that will help you lead a better life. The tincture is one of the best ways of getting yourself this and it will give very good effects and you can make use of dropper bottles and keep this under the tongue for a few minutes and you will be able to see the effect in quick time. This is known to work well and give good results and you will never have a problem and lead a pain free life.

Climate Change Causes

Change of climate

With all the disasters and disasters that have occurred in different parts of the world in recent years, people have started asking questions about the possible causes of this climate change. In the last 100 years, the Earth has improved, rising sea levels, sea ice, and glaciers have melted, and unexpected changes in climate are expected, which will cause future floods and droughts. There has stood a long-standing gossip about the end of the world and the extinction of the human race.


Climate change is also known as global warming, a deviation in the statistical distribution of climate or climate characteristics in decades and decades. Different changes in standard climatic conditions or significant changes in climate distribution. Like the recent extreme weather events that occur in different parts of the world.


Industrial activities

Evolution of man with technology continues to play a significant role in the cause of climate change. Studies show that there could be an incredible 90 percent chance that our activities in the last ten years have warmed our planet. Industrial operations and continuous innovation have formed carbon dioxide. Methane and nitrous oxide are the leading cause of the increase in Earth’s heat in the last few years.


Deforestation or logging is one of the leading causes of climate change. Forests are cut so fast that the replacement of new vegetation cannot compensate for the absorption of carbon dioxide. We have no adequate trees to absorb carbon dioxide; it accumulates continuously in the atmosphere.


High CO2 production

Our atmosphere is formed by gases that prevent the heat from approaching the surface of the earth. Water vapor with some small amounts of carbon dioxide, which is a stratum of gases, work as a updraft blanket for the soil. Absorbs heat and heats the earth to an average of 15 C, which is essential to maintain the useful life. Allow the sun to enter and refrain from a little heat to get out into outer space. However, the effect of daily human emission makes the impact of global warming stronger, leading to heat retention and, therefore, to abnormal climate change.

Melting of poles

Population growth

The continuous growth of the population means a higher demand for food, labor, agriculture, and energy, which translates into an increase in emissions. A large proportion of CO2 emissions come from the average energy use of people in the home.

Burn of gases

Human activities such as the burning of gas, oil, and coal contribute significantly to climate change due to changes in the number of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Fossil fuels are burned to produce energy that is used in transportation, manufacturing, cooking and water treatment.

Protecting earth


Everyone must begin to understand the causes of climate change and how our daily activities contribute to the degradation of our planet. We must have a conscious effort to reduce pollution. Simply turning appliances when they are not in use, walking instead of using vehicles for short distance destinations will allow us to do our job to keep our planet safe.

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