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Coffee Financing

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How to Apply
The first step in the application process is to send a Letter of Inquiry to with the following information:
  1. Description of business including, the specific location of business operations (View CI Priority Areas Map)
  2. Amount of investment required (range: $30,000 to $500,000)
  3. Type of investment desired (debt, equity, combination)
  4. Use of funds
  5. Detailed description of how your project/business supports biodiversity
  6. Information on the background of the key managers
  7. Summary financials (2 years historical (if relevant) and projections)

After we receive your Letter of Inquiry, you will receive an email from us informing you if we would like you to submit a formal proposal. A proposal would include the following:
  1. Business plan with detailed background of the business/project (if available)
  2. Detailed information on all managers
  3. Financial statements

Approval Process

1. Pre-Screen
Once a formal proposal has been submitted, Verde Ventures will conduct a brief biodiversity and financial analysis to ensure the project meets the fund's criteria.

2. Due Diligence
Should your proposal pass this pre-screen, the next phase involves a thorough analysis or "due diligence" on the project. Verde Ventures staff will work closely with you, conduct a site visit, and learn the details of your business, market and potential for growth. Early in the due diligence phase, the terms of the proposed investment will be negotiated. The end product of the due diligence will be the preparation of an Investment Memo to be presented to the Verde Ventures Investment Committee.

3. Investment Committee and Investor Approval
Verde Ventures Investment Committee will review the Investment Memo and take a decision as to whether or not Verde Ventures should make the proposed investment. Once the Investment Committee has approved, the Verde Ventures investor providing the capital for the investment must provide final approval.

4. Legal
If the investment is approved by the Investment Committee and by the Verde Venture's investor, than the legal documents governing the investment are developed. Once this is complete, funding is disbursed.

Post-investment Support

Verde Ventures does not view itself as only a provider of capital, but as a long-term collaborator working with each approved project. Examples of post-investment support to date include:

  • help in accessing additional sources of loan and grant finance

  • assistance in marketing and business strategy

  • assistance in monitoring and evaluation of biodiversity and socio-economic impacts

In these and many other ways, Verde Ventures seeks to add value to each project ensuring a strong project portfolio that will continue to contribute to biodiversity conservation and local economic development long after our investment has been repaid.


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