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Publications: Project Completion Documents
Northern Mesoamerica
Bladen Nature Reserve Protection Program, Final report (PDF, 823 KB), Belize Foundation for Research and Environmental Education
Developing an Integrated Strategy and Project Plan to Conserve the Chiquibul/ Maya Mountain Key Biodiversity Area in Belize, Final report / Appendix (PDF), Friends for Conservation and Development
Exchanging CEPF Grantee Experience and Lessons Learned in Protected Areas Management in Northern Mesoamerica at the Mesoamerican Protected Areas Congress II, Final report, Español (PDF, 55 KB), Conservation International
Fostering Stakeholder Coordination in the Selva Maya through Ecoregional Planning and Alliance Building, Final report (PDF, 758 KB), The Nature Conservancy
Identifying Important Bird Areas in Belize and Guatemala, Final report (PDF, 2 MB), BirdLife International
Needs Assessment for Conserving the Key Biodiversity Areas of Laguna del Tigre National Park and Chiquibul-Montañas Mayas, Final report, Español (PDF), Asociación Trópico Verde / ParksWatch Guatemala
Preparation of a Strategy to Conserve Critically Endangered Species in Northern Mesoamerica, Final report, Español (PDF, 45 KB), Escuela Agrícola Panamericana, Zamorano
Updating the Master Plan for Laguna del Tigre National Park: Definition of a New Model for Internal Zoning, Final report, Español (PDF, 35 KB), Wildlife Conservation Society
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About the Reports
All recipients of CEPF grants complete a final project report, detailing results and lessons learned. The formats vary for reports on small grants. We share the reports to help expand knowledge among others working in the region and in other hotspots.

The publications in this section are in PDF format. Download the free software to view the files today.

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