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Publications: Project Completion Documents
Mountains of Southwest China
A Media Campaign to Promote Ecotourism in China, Final report, Chinese (PDF, 217 KB), China Youth Daily - Green Island
A Strategy for the Threatened Birds of Asia, Final report (PDF), BirdLife International
A Study of Feasibility and Effects of Ecotourism at Baoshan Gushi Cheng, Yunnan, Final report (PDF), Susie Lee Cecchi
Anti-Poaching and Reducing Illegal Collection of Endangered Species in Wanglang Nature Reserve, Final report, Chinese (PDF), Wanglang Nature Reserve
Asia Wildlife Trade Strategy Planning, Final report (PDF, 42 KB), TRAFFIC International
Asian Conservation Awareness Program - China, Final report (PDF), WildAid
Assessment on Influencing Factors on the Giant Panda Habitat in Diebu County, Gansu Province, Final report (PDF), Li Xiaohong
Assessment on Resource and Environment of Sichuan Partridge in Panzhihua Area, Final report, Chinese (PDF, 330 KB), Sichuan Normal University
Black Market: The Trade in Endangered Species in Asia, Final report (PDF, 99 KB), Conservation International
Building Best Biodiversity Conservation Strategies in the Mountains of Southwest China, Final report (PDF, 95 KB), Conservation International
Capacity Building for Newly Established Nature Reserves in the Mountains of Southwest China, Final report, Chinese (PDF, 233 KB), Conservation International
Capacity Building for Yunnan Shangri-la County Alpine Botanic Garden, Final report (PDF, 23 KB), Construction Planning Office of Shangri-la Alpine Botanic Garden
Conservation Research on White-Eared Pheasant Habitat in Western Sichuan, Final report (PDF), Wang Nan
Develop Conservation Strategies to Eliminate Yew Trade in Mountains of Southwest China, Final report, Chinese (PDF, 254 KB) - Related report: Trade and Conservation of Taxus in China, Chinese (PDF, 2.3 MB), TRAFFIC International
Development of the China World Heritage Biodiversity Program, Final report (PDF), IUCN-The World Conservation Union
Eco-Lanes Building in Wanglang Nature Reserve, Final report, Chinese (PDF), Wanglang Nature Reserve
Effective Public Evaluation on the Conservation Areas and Natural Heritages in China, Final report, Chinese (PDF), Friends of Nature, China
Environmental Education on Wetland Biodiversity Conservation in Northwest Yunnan Province, Final report, Chinese (PDF, 262 KB), Yunnan Normal University
Establishing Database on Mammals and Birds of Sichuan and Chongqing, Final report (PDF), Chinese (PDF), Sichuan Academy of Forestry - Liu Shaoying
Establishing Ecotourism Guidelines for Nature Reserves in South Ganzi Prefecture, Final report, Chinese (PDF, 330 KB), Sichuan Wildlife Resource Survey and Conservation Management Station
Establishing Partnerships for Lasting Conservation in the Mountains of Southwest China Hotspot, Final report (PDF, 54 KB), Conservation International
Establishing White Pagodas as Landmarks of Critical Ecological Sites in Xiaozhongdian Town, Final report, Chinese (PDF, 87 KB), Angweng Reincarnated Buddha
Extending Distribution of 'Restoring China's Natural Vegetation', Final report (PDF, 19 KB), Eco-Security Task Force of China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development
Feasibility Study for the Implementation of Forestry Conservation Concessions and Sustainable Development in China, Final report (PDF, 12 KB) - Related technical report, Chinese (PDF, 115 KB), Global Environmental Institute
Green Community Network – Public Participation of Ecological Environmental Protection Action Plan, Final report, Chinese (PDF, 407 KB), Snowland Great River Environmental Protection Association
Green Law Clinic— Training Volunteers on Environmental Law, Final report, Chinese (PDF), Green Law Institute for Action
Green Olympics Train to the Southwest – A Public Environment Education Project, Final report, Chinese (PDF, 391 KB), Global Village Beijing
Independent Environmental and Biological Impact Research of South-to-North Water Diversion Program, Final report, Chinese (PDF, 282 KB) - Related report, Chinese (PDF, 412 KB) / Map, Chinese (PDF, 292 KB), Yang Yong
Inventory and Assessment of Non-Timber Forest Product Resources by Tibetans in Meilixueshan, Final report (PDF), The Chinese Academy of Sciences
Leveraging SARS to Significantly Reduce Illegal and Unsustainable Wildlife Trade, Final report (PDF, 199 KB), TRAFFIC International
Linking Tourism to Biodiversity Conservation in Southwest China – Khampa International Ecotourism Conference, Final report (PDF), Conservation International
Make a Difference in 10 Days: International Conference on Nature Reserve's Scientific Exchange and Capacity Building, Final report, Chinese (PDF, 200 KB), Chen Youping
Mapping on Freshwater Fisheries in Southwest China, Final report (PDF, 127 KB), Fan Enyuan
Monthly Conservation Forum among Chengdu-Kunming College Student Conservation Organizations, Final report (PDF, 132 KB), Green Student Organizations Society
Natural Resources Protection and Community Development in Tuogushui Village, China, Final report, Chinese (PDF), Baimaxueshan National Nature Reserve Management Office
One World, One Health: The Threat of Emerging Diseases to Human Security and Conservation and the Implications for Public Policy, Final report (PDF, 26 KB), Wildlife Conservation Society
Population Survey on Cedar Species (Sabia Pingii) in Yele Nature Reserve, Final report, Chinese (PDF), Yele Nature Reserve Management Office, Sichuan
Producing Educational Posters for National Key Protected Wild Animals of Sichuan Ganzi Tibetan Prefecture, Final report, Chinese (PDF, 158 KB), Peng Jitai
Promote Public Participation in Conserving Nu River, Final report, Chinese (PDF), Green Watershed
Promoting Bird Watching in Chengdu City, Final report, Chinese (PDF), Green Student Organizations Society
Promotion of Ecotourism Market in the Hengduan Mountains, Final report, Chinese (PDF), Sichuan Alpine Ecology Study Centre
Protecting Cypress Trees Indigenous to the Kawagebo Area of Deqin County, Final report, Chinese (PDF, 385 KB), Kawagebo Culture Society
The Conceptual Master Planning of Ecotourism for Baimaxueshan Nature Reserve, Final report (PDF, 160 KB), Southwest Forestry College
The Development of a Galliformes Monitoring Program in Southwest China: Preparatory Phase, Final report (PDF), World Pheasant Association
The Inspection of Three Rivers’ Communication of Upper Reaches of Changjiang River, Final report, Chinese (PDF), Environmental Volunteer Association of Sichuan University
The Preliminary Project on Wildlife Consumption and Trade Monitoring and Public Awareness Education in Key Regions in China, Final report, Chinese (PDF), International Fund for Animal Welfare
The Third Green Camp of Yunnan University Students- “Attention to Development of Nu River” to Discover the Biodiversity and Cultural Variety of Nu River, Final report, Chinese (PDF), Youth Volunteers Association of Yunnan University
Third Nongovernmental Organization Forum on International Environmental Cooperation in China, Final report (PDF), International Fund for China's Environment
Training for Green Journalists in Southwest China, Final report (PDF, 164 KB), Green Student Organizations Society
What’s Wrong With Yew? A Study of the U.S. Market for China’s Taxus wallichiana, Final report (PDF, 125 KB), World Wildlife Fund, Inc.
World Heritage Nomination for Giant Panda Habitat, Final report (PDF, 18 KB), Eco-Security Task Force of China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development
“Preserve Nujiang” Photo Exhibition, Final report, Chinese (PDF, 208 KB), Green Earth Volunteers
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About the Reports
All recipients of CEPF grants complete a final project report, detailing results and lessons learned. The formats vary for reports on small grants. We share the reports to help expand knowledge among others working in the region and in other hotspots.

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