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Publications: Project Completion Documents
A Marketing Pilot for Community-Based Tourism in Madagascar: Designing and Implementing a Pilot That Can be Replicated Countrywide, Final report (PDF), EcoAfrica Environmental Consultants
Assessing Five Years of CEPF Investment in Madagascar, Final report (PDF, 407 KB), Conservation International
Assessment of Priority Areas for Plant Conservation, Final report (PDF, 175 KB), Missouri Botanical Garden
Assessment of the Environmental, Economic And Quality Control Issues Of Wild-Harvesting Medicinal Plants Centella asiatica and Drosera madagascariensis in Madagascar, Final report (PDF), L'Homme et l'Environnement
Biodiversity Advocacy in Madagascar, Final report (PDF, 35 KB), Conservation International
Biodiversity Knowledge Gathering, Final report, Français (PDF, 28), Conservation International
Building a National Constituency for Bird and Biodiversity Conservation in Madagascar, Final report (PDF), BirdLife International
Central Menabe Biodiversity: Plan for Protection of Nature's Rich Endowment Through the Development of a Regional Management Scheme, Final report (PDF), Association Fanamby
Communities and Zahamena Protected Area, Final report, Français (PDF), MATEZA
Community Forest Management of the Tandroy Forests of Southern Madagascar, Final report, Français (PDF, 30 KB), Centre Ecologique de Libanona
Core Support to WWF-Madagascar's Ecology Training Program, Final report (PDF, 47 KB), World Wildlife Fund, Inc.
Ecology Training Program, Final report (PDF), World Wildlife Fund, Inc.
Emergency Intervention to Prevent Slash and Burn and to Ensure the Sustainability of the Income Generating for Conservation Program, Final report (PDF, 30 KB), L'Homme et l'Environnement
Expedition Madagascar, Final report (PDF, 21 KB), The Human Footprint
First African Botanic Gardens Congress, Final report (PDF), Durban Botanic Gardens
Forested Corridors Management, Final report (PDF, 40 KB), Conservation International
Healthy Ecosystems, Healthy People: Linkages Between Biodiversity, Ecosystem Health and Human Health, Final report (PDF), University of Western Ontario
Hope in Daraina, Final report (PDF), Conservation International
Improving Conservation Site Management Through Stakeholder Empowerment and Private Sector Participation in Daraina, Northeast Madagascar, Final report (PDF, 1.7 MB), Association Fanamby
Increasing Knowledge - Decreasing Detriment: Improving the Monitoring and Management of Madagascar's Wildlife Trade, Final report (PDF), TRAFFIC International
Initiation Of A Natural Resource Management Program in the Area Between the Loky and the Manambato Rivers, Northeast Madagascar, Final report (PDF), Association Fanamby
Knowledge Management: Information & Monitoring, Final report, Français (PDF), Conservation International
Legal Fees Associated with the Creation of the Malagasy NGO “Vahatra”, Final report (PDF), The Field Museum of Natural History
Local Population and Private Sector Involvement for Sustainable Biodiversity Conservation at the Vohimana Rainforest in Madagascar, Final report (PDF), L'Homme et l'Environnement
Madagascar Biodiversity Network, Final report (PDF, 51 KB), Wildlife Conservation Society
Madagascar Community-Based Wetlands Conservation Project, Final report (PDF), The Peregrine Fund
Makira Forest Area Conservation Project, Final report (PDF), Wildlife Conservation Society
Management Training, Final report (PDF), Conservation International
Mapping the Vegetation of Madagascar, Final report (PDF, 34 KB), Conservation International
Small Scale Initiatives Support, Final report (PDF), Conservation International
Study Tour to Washington DC for Malagasy Scholars from the University of Antananarivo, Final report (PDF), World Wildlife Fund, Inc.
The Manambolomaty Conservation Project, Final report (PDF), The Peregrine Fund
Wetland Conservation in the Mahavavy-Kinkony Complex, Madagascar, Final report (PDF, 1.4 MB), BirdLife International
Zahamena Protected Area Management, Final report (PDF, 29 KB), Conservation International
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About the Reports
All recipients of CEPF grants complete a final project report, detailing results and lessons learned. The formats vary for reports on small grants. We share the reports to help expand knowledge among others working in the region and in other hotspots.

The publications in this section are in PDF format. Download the free software to view the files today.

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