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Tropical Andes
Vilcabamba-Amboró Conservation Corridor
Strategic Direction 2.  Strengthen binational coordination of protected areas systems
Raising Awareness of Conservation of the Natural Ecosystems of Manatees (Trichechus manatus) through Environmental Monitoring in Local Communities
Launch a conservation project in the San San River and wetland to protect one of the largest populations of manatees in Panama. The grant will fund water quality analysis to identify pollutants and their sources, placement of signs in priority sites, and a public education campaign to increase awareness of manatee protection.
Amount $6,667
Grant Term 11/04-4/07
Grantee Asociación de Amigos y Vecinos de la Costa y la Naturaleza
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Creation and Effective Management of Forest Protected Areas in Peru
Through a debt-for-nature swap between the U.S. and Peruvian governments to guarantee long-term funding for protected areas, contribute funding for protection of three parks (Manu National Park, Amarakaeri Communal Reserve and Alto Purus Reserved Zone) in the Vilcabamba-Amboró Corridor. This grant is expected to leverage $3.5 million in local currency over the next 12 years for grants to local Peruvian organizations to carry out activities related to the effective management of these protected areas.
Amount $236,000
Grant Term 7/02-10/04
Grantee World Wildlife Fund, Inc.
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
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- Para aprender más sobre este proyecto, visite el Eco-Index
Improving Management and Consolidation of Selected Protected Areas Within the Vilcabamba-Amboró Corridor
Consolidate Bahauja-Sonene, Madidi, Tambopata, Pilon Lajas and Apolobamba protected areas by finalizing their management plans and initiating management plan implementation.
Amount $439,757
Grant Term 1/01-6/03
Grantee Conservation International
Project Documents - Final report, Español (PDF)

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