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The Philippines
Strategic Direction 4.  Establish an emergency response mechanism to help save Critically Endangered species
A Re-enforcement Strategy for the Critically Endangered Philippine Crocodile Population in the Northern Sierra Madre: A Pilot Project
Establish an emergency response mechanism to help save the Critically Endangered Philippine crocodile in the Sierra Madre. The project includes identification and protection of crocodile nests in the 2007 breeding season and a head start program for crocodile hatchlings in localities where juvenile crocodiles have extremely low natural survival rates.
Amount $8,000
Grant Term 1/07-6/07
Grantee Mabuwaya Foundation Inc.
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Integrated Conservation and Protection of the Philippine Crocodile (Crocodylus mindorensis) in Bgys Reina Mercedes (Blos) and Aplaya, Maconacon, Isabela
Address the protection of both Crocodylus porosus and Crocodylus mindorensis and the conservation of its habitat by empowering the local communities. Identified activities include consultation meetings, survey, delineation and demarcation of the crocodile habitat, and awareness campaigns.  The main output shall be a municipal government resolution declaring the project site a crocodile sanctuary.
Amount $20,000
Grant Term 4/06-3/07
Grantee Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park-Development Foundation, Inc.
Status and Dynamics of Trade of Heosemys Leytensis
Confirm the conservation status of the Philippine forest turtle Heosemys leytensis and assess threats posed by trade to existing populations in Palawan.  The project will allow primary data on absolute numbers of wild populations and their composition will be collected and synthesized. It will also identify the trade routes, shipment, and trans-shipment points, traders, suppliers and numbers and origin of illegally traded Heosemys leytensis.
Amount $20,000
Grant Term 1/06-9/07
Grantee Western Philippines University Puerto Princesa Campus
Building Conservation Capacity Through Research of Threats to Key Birds in the Palawan Corridor
Build local capacity to manage populations of the Palawan peacock pheasant (Polyplectron emphanum) through biodiversity and habitat monitoring, applied research, conservation advocacy, and management planning. Select Philippine students, key figures within the local community, and conservationists will take part in specially designed courses and fieldwork.
Amount $154,346
Grant Term 4/05-6/07
Grantee World Pheasant Association
Southern Palawan Anti-Poaching Initiative
Expand the Foundation’s successful Philippine cockatoo conservation efforts in Rasa and Dumaran islands by taking on the illegal wildlife trade, focusing specifically on threatened birds highly prized as pets, such as the Philippine cockatoo and blue-naped parrot.  The Foundation will target its efforts in southern Palawan, as well as in the principal center for wildlife trade, the provincial capital of Puerto Princesa City.
Amount $70,000
Grant Term 4/05-6/07
Grantee Katala Foundation, Inc.
Motivating Governments to Address Illegal Wildlife in Southeast Asia
Boost political support for controlling illegal resource-use activities, with a special focus on illegal wildlife trade, by convening a group of pro-conservation parliamentarians in Southeast Asia to meet regularly on priority issues related to combating illegal logging, fishing, and wildlife trade.
Amount $5,000
Grant Term 11/04-1/05
Grantee Conservation International
This is a multiregional project covering three hotspots; the total grant amount is $15,000.
Project Documents - No final report is available for this project.
Enlarged Scales: Strengthening Philippine Crocodile Conservation in the Sierra Madre Corridor
Create a recovery plan for the Philippine crocodile (Crocodylus mindorensis) that will serve as a basis for well-coordinated crocodile conservation actions by all stakeholders in the Sierra Madre biodiversity conservation corridor.
Amount $13,765
Grant Term 8/04-7/05
Grantee Mabuwaya Foundation Inc.
Project Documents - Final report (PDF, 204 KB)
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Collaborative Work Plan for the Newly Formed Alliance for Research and Conservation of the Philippine Eagle
This meeting is a second in follow up to CEPF’s workshop on the same subject in September 2003 and will prepare an interim species conservation plan as well as a research plan. Proposals from alliance members should be ready for submission to CEPF immediately afterward.
Amount $4,103
Grant Term 2/04-2/04
Grantee Philippine Eagle Conservation Program Foundation, Inc.
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
Emergency Action for Threatened Species in the Philippines
Set up a small grants program to help save critically endangered species outside the three geographic focal corridors in CEPF's Philippines Ecosystem Profile as well as build the capacity of civil society to appreciate the value of and act in favor of conservation in the Philippines.
Amount $1,000,000
Grant Term 10/02-6/07
Grantee Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources
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A Strategy for the Threatened Birds of Asia
Produce a framework for bird conservation in Asia that will be a key document for biodiversity conservation in Asia for the next 10 years. Condense the vast source book Threatened Birds of Asia into a prospectus of about 150 pages and make it available to a large number of users as a book, CD-ROM and via the Internet.
Amount $80,981
Grant Term 5/02-4/04
Grantee BirdLife International
This is a multiregional project covering three hotspots; the total grant amount is $242,943.
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
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