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Strategic Direction 1.  Enhance stewardship of forest resources at district level and below
Development of Nature Conservation Learning Center in Sibolangit Nature Reserve, Deli Serdang, North Sumatra
Develop and implement a conservation education program in Sibolangit Nature Reserve through development of an education center for the general public.
Amount $20,000
Grant Term 12/06-6/07
Grantee Perkumpulan Generasi Untuk Rehabilitasi Keseimbangan Hidup dan Alam
Anti-Illegal Logging Advocacy Campaign in the Jambi Parts of Bukit Tigapuluh Ecosystem, Sumatra
Reduce the pressures on remaining forest in the Jambi parts of the Bukit Tigapuluh Ecosystem from illegal logging and other destructive activities. All logging concessions bordering on Bukit Tigapuluh National Park have been discontinued, leaving behind an extensive network of roads that are being used to facilitate illegal logging or land clearing for cultivation. The project will facilitate information sharing about forest crimes.
Amount $20,000
Grant Term 8/06-7/07
Grantee Anti Illegal Logging Institute
Civil Society Support for Legalizing Spatial Planning Documents to Save Riau's Remaining Natural Forests
Influence decisions in Riau Province regarding the Spatial Planning at provincial and district levels to save the remaining Riau forest.  Accommodate community rights to manage their forests through public awareness.
Amount $35,000
Grant Term 4/06-6/07
Grantee Jaringan Kerja Penyelamatan Hutan Riau
Review of the Co-Management Model for Siberut National Park
Assess and review the structure and effectiveness of co-management in South Siberut to ensure long-term sustainability.  It is expected that this assessment will enable co-managers to better organize and manage themselves and become a more effective entity on the ground.
Amount $15,000
Grant Term 3/06-7/06
Grantee Antonius Djogo
Project Documents - Final report (PDF, 24 KB)
Clan-Level Conservation Agreements, Siberut Island - Indonesia
Provide long-term legal basis for clan-level conservation agreements that will connect Deutsches Primatenzentrum's 4,000 hectares and Siberut National Park in the north of Siberut Island.  The agreement will provide the legal basis for long-term conservation of Siberut forests and its Endangered species already identified in the north.
Amount $40,000
Grant Term 2/06-1/07
Grantee The Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment
Community-Based Conservation Action through Sustainable Ecotourism Business Development in Protected Area
Strengthen community-based ecotourism in the buffer zone of Leuser National Park by building partnerships among communities, park management, and other stakeholders at the district level.  The result will be increased income and expanded job opportunities for local communities.
Amount $73,000
Grant Term 10/05-3/07
Grantee Indonesian Ecotourism Network
Siberut Island Conservation Program: Building Multi-Level Commitment to Conservation
Establish a presence on Siberut Island in order to build capacity for local people's needs to influence conservation-related decisions at the village, district, provincial, and national level.
Amount $370,000
Grant Term 4/05-12/06
Grantee Conservation International
Studying and Preserving the Peleonan Forest as a Means of Safeguarding Siberut’s Ecosystem
Study and protect a forest ecosystem in northern Siberut that is home to the island's indigenous primate species. The project will enlist local clans in stewardship of the primates and their forest home, as well as bring economic opportunities to local people working as project staff and/or leasing lands to the project.
Amount $157,000
Grant Term 4/05-6/07
Grantee Deutsches Primatenzentrum
Strengthening Community Commitment to Protect Batang Gadis National Park
Organize and facilitate sub-district meetings as well as a larger district-level forum for representatives of 68 villages adjacent to Batang Gadis National Park as a means of reinforcing and strengthening local community commitment and action toward protecting the park. This project will be implemented in tandem with the celebration marking the first anniversary of the park's declaration.
Amount $6,519
Grant Term 12/04-2/05
Grantee Lembaga Swadaya Masyarakat Harapan Madina
Project Documents - Final report (PDF, 31 KB)
First Anniversary Celebration for Batang Gadis National Park
Organize a celebration marking the first anniversary of the declaration of Batang Gadis National Park, as a means of increasing knowledge of the park's environmental services, solidifying support for protecting the park's flora and fauna, and raising awareness of conservation-friendly development options adjacent to the park.
Amount $13,210
Grant Term 12/04-3/05
Grantee Lembaga Swadaya Masyarakat Gerakan Masyarakat Madina Pemantau Apatur Negara
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
Expansion of Bukit Tigapuluh National Park and Protection of Its Wider Ecosystem
Enable expansion of Bukit Tigapuluh National Park by adding defunct logging concessions and rounding out boundaries for easier park protection measures. This project, which is co-funded by Conservation International’s Global Conservation Fund, will also explore conservation of adjacent logging concessions to the west of the park as a means of linking protected areas.
Amount $257,047
Grant Term 10/04-9/07
Grantee Komunitas Konservasi Indonesia WARSI
A portion of the funding for this grant is provided through support to CEPF from the Australian government's Regional Natural Heritage Program.
Enhance Community Capacity through Rattan Product Development in Northern Siberut
Organize and develop capacity of rattan farmers in three villages in northern Siberut to conserve 15,000 hectares of natural forest. This project will educate the local people on conservation issues to demonstrate a strong relationship between conservation and daily life, such as water/sanitation.
Amount $14,913
Grant Term 8/04-8/05
Grantee Perkumpulan Uma Mentawai
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
Documenting and Stopping Economic Loss From Hydro Plants Slowed by Forest Conversion in Riau Province
Document and publicize lessons learned from a decision-making process that led to the construction of a hydro project resulting in local flooding and a shortage of electricity in Bukit Bungkuk, part of the Tesso Nilo/Bukit Tigapuluh Landscape. The aim is to help key stakeholders understand and avoid the negative effects of forest conversion on the provincial economy.
Amount $9,999
Grant Term 4/04-11/04
Grantee Yayasan Sikap Tulus Untuk Sesama
Project Documents - Final report (PDF, 20 KB)
Strategy Development for Sumatra's Newly Declared Batang Gadis National Park
Work with Conservation International-Indonesia to ascertain the best role for BITRA’s local coalition of nongovernmental organizations to help secure the newly declared Batang Gadis National Park.
Amount $20,000
Grant Term 1/04-7/04
Grantee Yayasan Bina Ketrampilan Desa
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
Conservation of the Sumatran Orangutan in the Northern Sumatra Corridor
Continue mobile outreach unit to raise local awareness of the orangutan's conservation needs, further develop forest walk and educational program at Sibolangit Environmental Interpretation Center and create an urgent action plan for conserving wild orangutans in the Northern Sumatra corridor.
Amount $299,989
Grant Term 12/03-12/06
Grantee Conservation International
Project Documents - Final report (PDF, 27 KB)
Human Resources and Educational Program of 34 High School Students to Study in Nine State Universities in Sumatra in the Year 2003/2004
Fund 34 students from poor families in their critical first year of studying natural resource management at state universities in Sumatra. It is hoped this grant will encourage funding from other donors to pay for subsequent years of study by these potential new conservation leaders.
Amount $10,000
Grant Term 9/03-8/04
Grantee Seleksi Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru
Project Documents - Final report (PDF, 18 KB)
Collaborative Management as a Tool For Reaching Consensus Among Stakeholders in Tesso Nilo for Better Natural Resource Management
Study the successful collaborative natural resource management already underway in Kayan Mentarang, East Kalimantan as a potential model for collaborative management in the Tesso Nilo/Bukit Tigapuluh Conservation Corridor. This project is part of planning and capacity building for the Tesso Nilo/Bukit Tigapuluh alliance of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).
Amount $9,998
Grant Term 7/03-9/03
Grantee Riau Mandiri
Project Documents - Final report (PDF, 21 KB)
A Voice of Siberut: Publication and Dissemination of the Newspaper Pualigoubat
Support continued publication of the newspaper 'Pualigoubat' on the Sumatran island of Siberut. With a circulation of more than 1,000, the newspaper published by a nongovernmental organization has become known as "the voice of Mentawains" in conserving their natural resources.
Amount $9,633
Grant Term 4/03-8/03
Grantee Yayasan Citra Mandiri
Project Documents - Final report (PDF, 23 KB)
Establishing a Framework for Conserving the Northern Sumatra Biodiversity Corridor (NSC)
Develop a project-level framework for taking the lead in conserving the Northern Sumatra Conservation Corridor, as well as identifying conservation outcomes (e.g. hectares/species targeted for conservation) in the corridor, which encompasses the Seulawah Ecosystem, the Leuser Ecosystem, the Western Toba Watershed and the Angkola region.
Amount $589,703
Grant Term 3/03-9/04
Grantee Conservation International
Project Documents - No final report is avaiable for this project.
Assessment and Strategy for Protecting Wildlife and Timber Resources in the Gunung Leuser Ecosystem
Assess natural resource law enforcement needs for protecting the Gunung Leuser Ecosystem in the Northern Sumatra Biodiversity Corridor. WildAid, with its extensive law enforcement experience, will partner with Conservation International-Indonesia for its extensive Indonesia experience.
Amount $170,719
Grant Term 2/03-9/03
Grantee Conservation International ($16,229 grant), WildAid ($154,490 grant)
The Conservation International grant for this project was terminated. The original funding amount for the Conservation International grant was $105,950.
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
Incorporating the Investment Strategies and Regional Planning into Building the Master Plan for CANOPI at Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park
Assist the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Indonesia Program in developing a more comprehensive, consensus-based master plan for the Conservation Action and Network Program (CANOPI) in and around Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park.
Amount $9,950
Grant Term 10/02-12/02
Grantee Greenomics Indonesia
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
Workshop to Formulate Management Strategies for Bukit Tigapuluh National Park
Develop a strategy together with local organizations for concerted conservation activities in the Jambi portion of the Tesso Nilo/Bukit Tigapuluh landscape and incorporate the results into the five-year vision map for the entire landscape, which CEPF will use as a guide to its grant making.
Amount $6,075
Grant Term 10/02-3/03
Grantee Komunitas Konservasi Indonesia WARSI
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
Capacity Building for Financial Operations in CI-Philippines and CI-Indonesia
Increase the capacity of Conservation International-Philippines and Conservation International-Indonesia to develop, manage and report on conservation projects. Focus on budget development and financial management elements required to ensure well-designed and managed projects through institutional capacity building, operational strengthening and increasing decentralization of project management.
Amount $64,057
Grant Term 7/02-3/03
Grantee Conservation International
This is a multiregional project covering two hotspots; the total grant amount is $108,662.
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
CANOPI: A Road Map for Future Management at Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, Indonesia
Hold a series of workshops and meetings to garner stakeholder support for the CANOPI project, which is designed to provide conservation capacity building in and around Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park. Next steps will include a needs assessment, construction of a central database, the production of a province-wide book on biodiversity conservation and coalition building through a clear definition of roles and responsibilities.
Amount $65,970
Grant Term 7/02-12/02
Grantee Wildlife Conservation Society
Project Documents - No final report is available for this project.
Economic Analysis of Tesso Nilo Forest Concessions
Synthesize existing information on the political and legal context for protecting the forests of Tesso Nilo and analyze the political, legal and economic feasibility of potential conservation concessions as a means of forest protection.
Amount $28,853
Grant Term 5/02-8/02
Grantee Conservation International
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
A Strategy for the Threatened Birds of Asia
Produce a framework for bird conservation in Asia that will be a key document for biodiversity conservation in Asia for the next 10 years. Condense the vast source book Threatened Birds of Asia into a prospectus of about 150 pages and make it available to a large number of users as a book, CD-ROM and via the Internet.
Amount $80,981
Grant Term 5/02-4/04
Grantee BirdLife International
This is a multiregional project covering three hotspots; the total grant amount is $242,943.
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
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- Press Release, November 2003: BirdLife Launches Blueprint to Halt Asia's Bird Extinction Crisis - English / Japanese
- Special section on BirdLife Web site
- BirdLife publication poster (PDF) / BirdLife publication leaflet (PDF)
CEPF Conservation Strategy Preparatory Work in Sumatra
Conduct visits to three of the four priority sites identified and meet with local and international NGOs and communities to introduce the CEPF and to identify potential partners. Develop baseline maps for the areas and conduct a workshop to develop agreed-upon maps illustrating five-year vision for these areas.
Amount $142,795
Grant Term 1/02-8/02
Grantee Conservation International
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
Technical Assistance to WWF Indonesia to Secure the Tesso Nilo Conservation Landscape
Focus the efforts of the province's conservation groups on the Tesso Nilo conservation landscape to make best use of their respective constituency, skills and motivation and ultimately, result in a suite of proposals to secure Tesso Nilo as a protected area.
Amount $165,000
Grant Term 1/02-6/03
Grantee Conservation Management Ltd.
Project Documents - No final report is available for this project.

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