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Succulent Karoo
Strategic Direction 2.  Engage key industrial sectors in meeting conservation objectives identified by SKEP
Biodiversity and Wine Initiative – Extension Services in the Little Karoo
Expand extension services of the Biodiversity and Wine Initiative into the Little Karoo geographic priority area. This project will specifically 1) create an enabling environment for all partners to promote conservation and sustainability within the wine industry; 2) promote implementation and refinement of biodiversity guidelines into the Integrated Production of Wine Scheme; 3) extend conservation stewardship among wine producers in the Little Karoo; and 4) promote biodiversity into the Brand South Africa marketing scheme. 
Amount $133,250
Grant Term 6/07-8/08
Grantee Botanical Society of South Africa
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Development of the Soebatsfontein Succulent Reserve
Conserve the high-priority quartz patches in this geographic priority area by erecting fences to help control grazing and establishing alternative land-use enterprises. Raise awareness in the community and among tourists about the biodiversity value of the quartz fields and the numerous local endemics and habitat-specialized succulent plant species they contain.
Amount $10,200
Grant Term 10/06-9/07
Grantee Soebatsfontein Tourism Forum
The Importance of Porcupines for Maintenance of Endangered Plant Populations and Plant Diversity in the Geophyte-Rich Koue Bokkeveld
Improve knowledge on the population biology and ecological effects of porcupines in the natural ecosystems of the Succulent Karoo, specifically in the vicinity of Nieuwoudtville. Gather data on how porcupines respond to hunting pressure and how this relates to farming practices that persecute porcupines, and conduct a cost-benefit analysis of their economic values.
Amount $28,309
Grant Term 3/06-12/09
Grantee University of Cape Town
The Biodiversity & Wine Initiative Succulent Karoo Expansion
Expand the Biodiversity & Wine Initiative into relevant wine producing areas in the threatened lowland habitats of the Succulent Karoo Hotspot, especially in the priority areas of the Olifants River and Breede River Valley. This project will specifically support an additional extension officer.
Amount $20,000
Grant Term 1/06-12/06
Grantee The South African Wine & Brandy Company
Project Documents - Final report (PDF, 41 KB)
Related News and Products - Biodiversity & Wine Initiative Newsletter, Vol. 2 Issue 2 July 2007 (PDF, 1.6 MB) / Vol. 2 Issue 1 January 2007 (PDF, 1 MB)
Establishment of Hiking Routes in Sutherland in the Hantam-Tanqua-Roggeveld Priority Area
Design and establish hiking trails in the Hantam-Roggeveld priority area of the Succulent Karoo Hotspot. Develop marketing materials for these routes, train tour guides, and support establishment of small-scale tourism enterprises.
Amount $14,925
Grant Term 7/05-5/07
Grantee Sutherland Unemployment Forum
Equator Ventures
Support the pilot phase of Equator Ventures, a partnership initiative with UNDP's Equator Initiative. Implement loan and technical assistance packages to small- to medium-sized enterprises benefiting biodiversity and local communities, and monitor biodiversity results.
Amount $11,110
Grant Term 6/05-12/07
Grantee Conservation International
This is a multiregional project covering eight hotspots; the total grant amount is $99,986.
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Aus Tourist Information Centre
Develop a tourist information center and tour guide service at Aus in southern Namibia.  The center and guide service will attract tourists to Aus, raise awareness among visitors (international and local) of the Succulent Karoo, the Namib Desert’s wild horses, and Aus’ culture and history, create employment opportunities for Aus’ young people, and generate income which can be used for local conservation initiatives and community development.
Amount $97,350
Grant Term 2/05-12/07
Grantee Namibia Nature Foundation
Namaqualand Restoration Initiative: Bringing Mining, Biodiversity, and Local Communities Together
Establish a restoration benchmark and develop new and effective regional protocols based on sound ecological dynamics to achieve near-natural biodiversity restoration resulting from mining operations, while giving a cross-section of the regional community a greater role in restoration in the Central Namaqualand Coast and the Knersvlakte priority regions. This includes engaging mining operators and other land users to fundamentally change the way they perceive their roles and responsibilities with regard to biodiversity conservation and restoration.
Amount $200,000
Grant Term 1/05-12/07
Grantee University of Cape Town
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Karoo Veld: Ecology & Management
Republish an expanded version of a practical book, Karoo Veld: Ecology & Management, Revised Edition, which focuses on the Karoo ecosystem, management systems and tools, economics, veld assessment and monitoring. The geographic focus of the book is the Succulent and Nama Karoo biomes; it will be published in both English and Afrikaans. An awareness-raising program about the book will also be conducted.
Amount $35,421
Grant Term 1/04-7/06
Grantee University of Stellenbosch
Project Documents - Final report (PDF, 65 KB)
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Development of the Sutherland Succulent Karoo Route: Catalyzing Conservation Through Ecotourism and Environmental Awareness
Establish an ecotourism route in the Hantam/Roggeveld geographic priority area of the Succulent Karoo, specifically in the area in and around Sutherland. The project will involve extensive community participation in the initiative, and will design the route, identify sites of special interest, prepare a business plan, prepare awareness materials and raise awareness of the biodiversity and ecotourism potential of this unique area.
Amount $9,850
Grant Term 10/03-6/04
Grantee Garden Route Enviro Services
Project Documents - Final report (PDF, 28 KB)

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