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Mountains of Southwest China
Strategic Direction 4.  Integrate biodiversity conservation concerns and benefits into the implementation of policies and programs at local, regional and national levels
Feasibility Study for the Implementation of Forestry Conservation Concessions and Sustainable Development in China
Adopt public-private-partnerships in conservation for attaining sustainable development to explore the feasibility of implementing forestry concessions in Southwest China.
Amount $20,000
Grant Term 3/05-9/05
Grantee Global Environmental Institute
Project Documents - Final report (PDF, 12 KB)
- Related technical report, Chinese (PDF, 115 KB)
One World, One Health: The Threat of Emerging Diseases to Human Security and Conservation and the Implications for Public Policy
Conduct a one-day event at the World Conservation Congress devoted to mapping out the links between animal health, conservation, and human security, and to identify creative approaches to protecting the health of people, animals, and ecosystems.
Amount $20,000
Grant Term 10/04-12/04
Grantee Wildlife Conservation Society
Project Documents - Final report (PDF, 26 KB)
Linking Tourism to Biodiversity Conservation in Southwest China – Khampa International Ecotourism Conference
Build a platform through the Khampa International Ecotourism Conference for communicating, collaborating and building capacity among a wide range of partners to more effectively address threats from unplanned tourism development that has resulted in ecological degradation as well as negatively impacted cultural tradition in Southwest China.
Amount $41,974
Grant Term 10/04-5/05
Grantee Conservation International
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
Development of the China World Heritage Biodiversity Program
Help identify and strengthen management of World Heritage sites in the Mountains of Southwest China as part of building the capacity for management of protected areas in this hotspot. The immediate objective is to develop a comprehensive countrywide China World Heritage Biodiversity Program for building national capacity in identifying, nominating, and effectively managing World Natural Heritage sites.
Amount $20,000
Grant Term 5/04-3/05
Grantee IUCN-The World Conservation Union
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
Save The Tiger Fund
Award small- and medium-sized grants to partners working to save Asia’s wild tigers, tiger prey species, and tiger habitats and/or to address the threat posed to tigers by illegal wildlife trade.
Amount $900,000
Grant Term 1/04-9/08
Grantee National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
This is a multiregional project covering three regions; the total grant amount is $2.1 million. A portion of the funding for this grant is provided through support to CEPF from the Rufford Maurice Laing Foundation.
Related News and Products - Tiger Watch Newsletter, Vol. 10 No. 1, Spring 2007 (PDF, 443 KB)
- From CEPF E-News, March 2004: Partnership for Tiger Action
- Press release, February 2004: Save The Tiger Fund Announces Alliance With Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund
Leveraging SARS to Significantly Reduce Illegal and Unsustainable Wildlife Trade
Develop a strategy to use the issues raised by SARS as a foundation to improve wildlife policy and its enforcement in China. SARS has spotlighted the use of wildlife in modern China. SARS continues to award wildlife unprecedented attention. With immediate action, a momentum catalyzed by SARS to significantly reduce illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade in China can be built, especially, wildlife originating from the Mountains of Southwest China.
Amount $10,000
Grant Term 12/03-3/04
Grantee TRAFFIC International
Project Documents - Final report (PDF, 199 KB)
Related News and Products - From CEPF E-News, January 2004: Leveraging SARS to Reduce Illegal Wildlife Trade in China

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