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Mountains of Southwest China
Strategic Direction 1.  Develop and operationalize hotspot-wide monitoring and evaluation projects
A Comprehensive Baseline Survey for Initiating Biodiversity Conservation Actions in Southeast Tibet
Fill biodiversity and conservation information gaps in Southeast Tibet by completing a baseline survey, clearly defining conservation outcomes, and proposing a comprehensive conservation strategy. Local forestry bureaus, communities, and grassroots organizations will build capacity in biodiversity monitoring and natural resource management.
Amount $120,000
Grant Term 4/07-12/07
Grantee Peking University
Impacts of Hydropower Development on Regional Biodiversity in Southwest China
Analyze impacts of hydropower development on regional biodiversity in Southwest China to identify dam locations and impoundment areas within key biodiversity areas in the region.  The analysis of this data will help inform decisionmakers in planning this type of infrastructure in the future. 
Amount $13,000
Grant Term 9/06-12/07
Grantee China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research
Mapping the Biodiversity of the Hengduan Mountains Using Historic Plant Collections
Catalogue and analyze information on plant specimens from Southwest China collected over the past 100 years for the purposes of a science-based definition of the hotspot and to guide conservation initiatives and regional planning to better mitigate threats to areas of high biodiversity.
Amount $120,000
Grant Term 10/05-9/07
Grantee Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University
Using Galliformes to Monitor Biodiversity in Southwest China
Develop a protocol using Galliformes as an indicator species for monitoring the biodiversity of Southwest China. The association will train relevant local researchers in the use of this methodology and urge relevant government agencies to employ it over the long term to track the status of biodiversity conservation in the region.
Amount $105,340
Grant Term 4/05-12/07
Grantee World Pheasant Association
Applied Ethnoecology for Biodiversity Assessment, Monitoring and Management in Northwest Yunnan
Empower local communities to manage key species and ecosystems in an ecologically sustainable manner that will improve the environment while maintaining or enhancing cultural identities and knowledge in northwest Yunnan, China. The project aims to demonstrate to land-use planners how to formulate policy that reflects specific local needs while enhancing biodiversity conservation.
Amount $167,904
Grant Term 9/04-6/07
Grantee The Chinese Academy of Sciences
Project Documents - Workshop Report on Community Based Monitoring, Chinese (PDF, 1.2 MB)
Establishing Effective Conservation Information Service for Saving China's Biodiversity
Collect and categorize biodiversity conservation information, and ensure easy access for conservation professionals, researchers, policymakers and the general public to create a more comprehensive coverage for the Mountains of Southwest China Hotspot as a demonstration of a biodiversity inventory available for public use.
Amount $120,000
Grant Term 9/04-6/07
Grantee The Chinese Academy of Sciences
Assessment on Influencing Factors on the Giant Panda Habitat in Diebu County, Gansu Province
Assess the influencing factors on the Giant Panda habitat in Diebu County, Gansu Province. Activities include drafting the ground utilization and vegetation picture of the habitat, gathering statistics of illegal and legal forest cutting, researching local communities influence on the habitat, evaluating protection and management organizations in Diebu, and providing suggestions on conservation and management.
Amount $9,295
Grant Term 7/04-9/05
Grantee Li Xiaohong
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
The Inspection of Three Rivers’ Communication of Upper Reaches of Changjiang River
Investigate the human impact on the water system including pollution, fishing and the building of the Xiluodu Dam in the Sichuan Province of Southwest China. This project will promote public participation in conserving water resources as well as enhance students’ capacity and awareness on environmental protection.
Amount $8,985
Grant Term 7/04-2/05
Grantee Environmental Volunteer Association of Sichuan University
Project Documents - Final report, Chinese (PDF)
Assessment on Resource and Environment of Sichuan Partridge in Panzhihua Area
Map the distribution of the Sichuan partridge in Panzhihua area, investigate the threats to the population, provide specific conservation recommendations, and offer environmental education to the local communities. Also draft a work plan to establish a new nature reserve with the purpose of protecting this population. The information collected and the techniques applied will contribute to the establishment of a platform for sharing ecological information and a conservation system.
Amount $19,555
Grant Term 6/04-12/06
Grantee Sichuan Normal University
Project Documents - Final report, Chinese (PDF, 330 KB)
Third Nongovernmental Organization Forum on International Environmental Cooperation in China
Enhance communication, develop partnerships between Chinese and international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and strengthen the capacity and management skills of Chinese NGOs leaders in the Southwest China hotspot.
Amount $19,998
Grant Term 6/04-8/04
Grantee International Fund for China's Environment
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
Establishing Database on Mammals and Birds of Sichuan and Chongqing
Establish a database to store and manage the mammals and avian data collected by researchers of Sichuan Academy of Forestry for many years. Also conduct a survey of the endangered Derbyan parakeet, which is distributed in Liangshan Mountains of Sichuan Province, to help fill the information gap about this parakeet. The data of mammal and avian species will integrated into Conservation International’s Refining Conservation Outcome project and significantly improve information in the hotspots, the refining of outcomes and policy development.
Amount $47,137
Grant Term 4/04-9/05
Grantee Sichuan Academy of Forestry - Liu Shaoying
Project Documents - Final report (PDF), Chinese (PDF)
The Development of a Galliformes Monitoring Program in Southwest China: Preparatory Phase
Develop Galliformes monitoring ability in Southwest China. In doing so, develop a methodology for a Galliformes-based system for monitoring biodiversity in forested habitats. Galliformes lend themselves to this because they are relatively well known in this hotspot and are found in a wide range of forested conditions. The main aims are to develop a system for monitoring Galliformes and to assess how informative this is for other groups of organisms.
Amount $19,990
Grant Term 4/04-10/04
Grantee World Pheasant Association
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
Refining Conservation Outcomes for the Southwest China Hotspot
Refine the conservation outcomes and establish a system for monitoring the achievement of these outcomes in the Southwest China hotspot. This project will build on the results of the 2001 priority-setting workshop for Southwest China, which built a broad consensus for preliminary conservation outcomes for the hotspot. The project will refine the results from this workshop and produce clear and measurable conservation targets in the hotspot. It will also build the foundation for a systematic approach to monitoring outcomes that will permit the objective comparative assessment of conservation results and form the basis for a shared biodiversity research agenda for the hotspot.
Amount $323,478
Grant Term 4/04-12/06
Grantee Conservation International
Building Best Biodiversity Conservation Strategies in the Mountains of Southwest China
Ensure that the mechanism of coordinating CEPF implementation in the Mountains of Southwest China biodiversity hotspot is well facilitated. Develop programmatic approaches and Conservation International programmatic approach in China in line with CEPF strategy and seek other sources to leverage CEPF funding and develop and implement a communications strategy so lessons and progress are shared inside the hotspot and internationally.
Amount $650,274
Grant Term 7/03-7/04
Grantee Conservation International
Project Documents - Final report (PDF, 95 KB)
Establishing Partnerships for Lasting Conservation in the Mountains of Southwest China Hotspot
Explore and develop operation strategies for Conservation International-China in accordance with CEPF's strategy for this hotspot, introduce CEPF and CI to stakeholders in China, develop a participatory CEPF coordination mechanism and initiate CONSERVATION INTERNATIONAL-China conservation proposals.
Amount $350,116
Grant Term 7/02-6/03
Grantee Conservation International
Project Documents - Final report (PDF, 54 KB)

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