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Eastern Himalayas Region
Strategic Direction 2.  Secure the conservation of priority site outcomes (key biodiversity areas) in the eastern Himalayas with a particular emphasis on the Bhutan Biological Conservation Complex, Kangchenjunga-Singalila Complex, and North Bank Landscape.
Production of Alternative Fuel from Sawdust and other Wood Waste by Using Briquetting Technology
Initiate the production of briquettes as a sustainable and environmentally sound alternative for domestic energy in two pilot communities within a critical corridor in the Bhutan Biological Conservation Complex.  To encourage adoption of the product, Norden Pines will offer incentives to major users through public awareness campaigns.
Amount $22,000
Grant Term 7/07-6/08
Grantee Norden Pines
This grant is financially administered by World Wide Fund for Nature on behalf of Norden Pines.
Plant Biodiversity Inventory, Identification of Hotspots, and Conservation Strategies for Threatened Species and Habitats in Kanchenjunga-Singalila Ridge, Eastern Nepal
Identify important plant areas in the Kanchenjunga-Singalila Ridge of Eastern Nepal using endemic and globally threatened species of plants and their habitats and develop strategies to conserve these sites through scientific and participatory community-based approaches.
Amount $35,000
Grant Term 4/07-3/08
Grantee Ethnobotanical Society of Nepal
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Conservation Corridor and Livelihood Development Project
Reduce the pressure of unsustainable forest use through conservation-friendly, low-cost livelihood options. The project will focus on enhancing the capacity of civil society to identify alternative livelihood opportunities that support biodiversity conservation through community-based institutions in follow up to a plan developed with the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development.
Amount $79,920
Grant Term 4/07-3/09
Grantee Namsaling Community Development Centre

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