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Eastern Himalayas Region
Strategic Direction 1.  Build on existing landscape conservation initiatives to maintain and restore connectivity and to protect wide-ranging threatened species in priority corridors with a particular emphasis on the Bhutan Biological Conservation Complex, Kangchenjunga-Singalila Complex, and North Bank Landscape
Advocacy and Awareness Campaign on Biodiversity in Bhutan
Identify and design appropriate initiatives for building awareness of biodiversity values and conservation issues in six sites in the Bhutan Biological Conservation Complex as well as educating and raising awareness levels of civil society groups at the grassroots as well as of government decisionmakers at the policy level.
Amount $79,947
Grant Term 7/07-9/10
Grantee Kuensel Corporation Limited
This grant is financially administered by World Wide Fund for Nature on behalf of Kuensel Corporation Limited.
Management of Social Forestry in Bhutan
Develop appropriate management practices to be piloted in select social forestry groups within the Bhutan Biological Conservation Complex. Royal Institute of Management will conduct studies on current government policies regarding social forestry and the operational and management structure of  local social forestry groups and will also study best practices within the region.
Amount $84,011
Grant Term 7/07-6/10
Grantee Royal Institute of Management
This grant is financially administered by World Wide Fund for Nature on behalf of the Royal Institute of Management.
Strengthening Civil Society for Biodiversity Conservation Support Project
Strengthen civil society participation in all stages of corridor management and incorporate conservation issues in community, private, and national forest management plans in selected sites in the Nepali sector of the Kangchenjunga-Singhalila Complex.  Through the development of a multi-stakeholder civil society forum, this project will reduce threats to existing forests from encroachment, over-grazing, and unsustainable harvesting of forest resources.
Amount $60,165
Grant Term 4/07-3/09
Grantee Ilam Co-operation Council, Ilam - 2
Save The Tiger Fund
Award small- and medium-sized grants to partners working to save Asia’s wild tigers, tiger prey species, and tiger habitats and/or to address the threat posed to tigers by illegal wildlife trade.
Amount $700,000
Grant Term 1/04-9/08
Grantee National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
This is a multiregional project covering three regions; the total grant amount is $2.1 million. A portion of the funding for this grant is provided through support to CEPF from the Rufford Maurice Laing Foundation.
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