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Strategic Direction 4.  Increase the awareness and commitment of decisionmakers to biodiversity conservation in five target corridors
Mobilization of Civil Society to Solve Biodiversity Conservation Problems
Increase public awareness of the threats facing local biodiversity through production of a series of publications and television broadcasts and by organizing a special trip for journalists to visit remote and vulnerable sites.
Amount $100,000
Grant Term 12/06-12/07
Grantee Independent Producer Center Yeni Dalga
Building Awareness of Conservation in the Caucasus
Enhance journalists’ capacity to cover biodiversity conservation issues and create new incentives for them to do so. An increase in quantity and quality of coverage will heighten public interest and encourage decisionmakers to take additional steps to protect habitat for globally threatened species. Activities include a training program for journalists, ongoing coaching for journalists and editors, and conducting a special awards program for biodiversity reporting.
Amount $275,168
Grant Term 10/06-9/08
Grantee International Center for Journalists
Increasing the Awareness and Commitment of Decisionmakers to Biodiversity and Ecosystem Conservation in Armenia’s East Lesser Caucasus Corridor
Increase decisionmakers' and communities' awareness and commitment to biodiversity conservation, with a particular focus on the Armenian mouflon and Bezoar goat. This will be done through trainings, publications, posters, contests among photojournalists, and other activities tailored for these target audiences.
Amount $100,000
Grant Term 10/06-6/08
Grantee Armenian Forests NGO
Environmental Communication Campaign – “Conservation for Sustainable Development in the Caucasus Ecoregion”
Increase knowledge and awareness of biodiversity conservation among decisionmakers, the private sector, local communities, and other stakeholders. This is a national project to be implemented at local communities, districts, and national levels with a special focus on CEPF priority species and sites.
Amount $67,687
Grant Term 9/06-9/07
Grantee Caucasus Environmental NGO Network
Magazine on Nature Conservation in Georgian
Establish a Georgian periodical magazine titled “Nature and Society” to increase environmental awareness of decisionmakers and the public and providing pivotal environmental information with special emphasis on biodiversity conservation. The magazine will cover specific biodiversity conservation-related topics and reflect on decision-making processes in the field of environmental protection.
Amount $45,000
Grant Term 9/06-3/09
Grantee Georgian Center for the Conservation of Wildlife
Environmental Hot Spots Journalistic Monitoring
Develop local environmental journalists` capacity at the provincial/district level and increase commitment among decisionmakers toward biodiversity conservation. This project will promote dialogue among environmental journalists, governmental, nongovernmental, and private sectors that will engage decisionmakers on issues dealing with biodiversity conservation and sustainable use.
Amount $100,000
Grant Term 8/06-7/07
Grantee Regional Environmental Centre for the Caucasus
Public Initiative for Western Greater Caucasus Biodiversity Protection from Planning of Olympic Games in Sochi Region / Russia
Conduct a public initiative to inform and assist preparations for the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi to adhere to environmental requirements.  The initiative will involve mass media, local citizens, regional, Russian and international organizations, authorities, and other stakeholders.
Amount $9,305
Grant Term 5/06-10/06
Grantee Environmental Watch on the North West Caucasus
Conservation in the Caucasus: Reports from the Field
Raise awareness about the importance of the Caucasus hotspot and the efforts underway to protect it through a series of articles in Russian Conservation News, an English-language quarterly that promotes biodiversity in Russia and throughout northern Eurasia. Activities also include building local capacity in communications through work with local writers contributing to the publication.
Amount $20,000
Grant Term 7/04-7/05
Grantee Center for Russian Nature Conservation
Project Documents - No final report is available for this project.
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