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Cape Floristic Region
Strategic Direction 1.  Support civil society involvement in the establishment of protected areas and management plans in CFR biodiversity corridors
Biodiversity and Effective Management Assessment of Voluntary Conservation Sites in the Western Cape Province
Evaluate a minimum of 50 voluntary conservation sites (including private nature reserves, natural heritage sites, stewardship voluntary conservation sites, and conservancies declared by legislative frameworks or registered by CapeNature) by assessing their habitat status, management efficiency, and management guidelines and plans.
Amount $17,500
Grant Term 12/06-3/08
Grantee Western Cape Conservation Stewardship Association
Big Birds on Farms
Monitor the condition of 12 charismatic avian species in the Cape Floristic Region and inform farmers, in particular, about the situation of these birds. The aim is to increase public attention and encourage land-use practices that will continue to maintain or increase habitat for these birds.
Amount $15,000
Grant Term 11/06-8/08
Grantee University of Cape Town
Nature’s Valley Water Opal Wetland Rehabilitation Project
Rehabilitate a wetland in Nature's Valley, a coastal settlement located in the Garden Route in the eastern portion of the Cape Floristic Region. Remove the dump debris, redirect stormwater canals, and replant the area with appropriate wetland species. Establish the wetland as an outdoor classroom that will be an illustrative link between the river and estuarine classrooms.
Amount $4,000
Grant Term 11/06-7/07
Grantee Nature’s Valley Trust
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Providing Guidelines for Game Fencing in the Gouritz Initiative Rooiberg-Gamkaberg to Outeniqua Nature Reserves Corridor
Survey the Rooiberg-Gamkaberg to Outeniqua Nature Reserves corridor to determine game habitat suitability and to provide pragmatic recommendations to locate game fencing on a 1:50,000 topographical map and, where possible, alternative sites that may be more acceptable to landowners. Produce a report that includes site descriptions with photographic reference.
Amount $4,000
Grant Term 2/06-3/06
Grantee Conservation Management Services
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
Salt River Macro Invertebrate Sanctuary: Stakeholder Engagement Process
Engage stakeholders to protect and manage the biodiversity of the Salt River, a unique river system located in the Southern Cape's Garden Route.
Amount $4,776
Grant Term 7/05-9/05
Grantee Nature’s Valley Trust
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
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Die Oog Rehabilitation and Improvement Project
Contribute to the conservation of Die Oog, an important natural ecosystem in the Sand River Catchment Area that has been reserved as a bird sanctuary and public open space by the City of Cape Town. Activities include clearing alien plants and grasses from the fynbos area, planting indigenous plants; and providing an information board to promote public awareness and interest and to increase the involvement of local civil society in the protection of Die Oog as a natural ecosystem.
Amount $3,500
Grant Term 2/05-8/06
Grantee Friends of Die Oog
Project Documents - Final report (PDF, 31 KB)
Co-authorship of a Book titled East of the Cape–Conserving Eden
Co-author a book to increase awareness and appreciation of the value and uniqueness of the biodiversity of an area covering the eastern part of the Cape Floristic Region, part of the Little Karoo subregion of the Succulent Karoo, and most of the Subtropical Thicket Ecosystem Planning Project domain in the southwest of the Maputoland Pondoland Albany region. The book will expose readers to land uses that promote sustainability, discuss the bioregional approach to conservation planning, and provide reader-friendly information on the natural history of select species and ecosystems.
Amount $3,300
Grant Term 1/05-12/05
Grantee Shirley Pierce Cowling
This is a multiregional project covering two hotspots; the total grant amount is $6,600.
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
Van der Kempskloof/Parsonsvlei Management Plan
Develop a management plan for the sustainable use of the Van der Kempskloof/ Parsonsvlei area of the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa that will inform the development of a community conservation project at Bethelsdorp in the Nelson Mandela Metropole. Funding for the development phase of the community conservation project, which will include a plan and implementation strategy, has already been secured from The Table Mountain Fund.
Amount $10,000
Grant Term 8/04-7/05
Grantee Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
Effective Conservation Of Amphibians And Reptiles in the Greater Cederberg Biodiversity Corridor
Collate, analyze, interpret, and disseminate data on the amphibians and reptiles of the proposed Cederberg Mega-reserve and western corridor in order to provide strategic input into design and management plans for the reserve, as well as build capacity within civil society in the region to enhance visitor experience.
Amount $69,435
Grant Term 1/04-3/08
Grantee University of Stellenbosch
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- Project newsletter: SCARCE talk archive / July 2007 issue (PDF, 109 KB) / April - June 2007 issue (PDF, 207 KB)
Blaauwberg Conservation Area
Promote civil society involvement in the management, development and conservation of the Blaauwberg Conservation Area, a key area of biodiversity importance in the vicinity of Cape Town.
Amount $177,798
Grant Term 11/03-6/05
Grantee Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
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- Blaauwberg Conservation Area Web site
Botanical Assessment and Hotspot Identification for the Slanghoek Valley, Western Cape Province, South Africa
Conduct a botanical survey and GIS-based mapping, and produce a regional conservation plan of private landholdings in the Slanghoek Valley in the Upper Breede Valley in Western Cape, South Africa. Information will be collected on a farm-by-farm basis to determine which areas are suitable for wine expansion and which are identified as irreplaceable and should be formally conserved.
Amount $7,844
Grant Term 10/03-2/05
Grantee Rawsonville Wine & Tourism
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
The St. Francis Conservancy Project
Establish and develop a pilot private conservancy in the St. Francis area of the south-eastern lowlands of the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa
Amount $99,155
Grant Term 8/03-7/05
Grantee Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
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- St Francis Conservancy Project Newsletter (PDF): December 2005 / November 2004 / April 2004 / January 2004 / September 2003
The Cederberg Mega-Reserve Project Management Unit: Setting the Stage for Conservation in the Cederberg Mega-Reserve, South Africa
Establish the Cederberg Mega-Reserve Project Management Unit to further collaboration and partnerships with stakeholders, increase awareness of the proposed Cederberg Mega-reserve, coordinate strategic input into the development of the mega-reserve and ensure effective implementation of the Cederberg Mega-Reserve plans by Western Cape Nature Conservation Board and the Cederberg Mega-Reserve Steering Committee. Develop a strategic management and business plan for the Cederberg Mega-Reserve biodiversity corridor.
Amount $129,179
Grant Term 8/03-7/04
Grantee CapeNature (formerly Western Cape Nature Conservation Board)
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
Related News and Products - From CEPF E-News, August 2004: Cape Nature Conservation Launches Greater Cederberg Biodiversity Corridor
Market Research Support to the Africa Environmental News Service
Support the Africa Environmental News Service by advising on planning of market research and development of marketing research tools, conducting the market research exercise and assisting with the development of a business plan.
Amount $3,333
Grant Term 5/03-10/04
Grantee Equals Three Communications
This is a multiregional project covering three hotspots; the total grant amount is $10,000.
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
Related News and Products - In Focus, January 2004: Connecting Conservationists in Africa
Taking C.A.P.E. to a Finer Scale: Catalyzing Conservation Action in the Cederberg Conservation Corridor and the “Cederberg Mega-Reserve Area” in the Cape Floristic Region
Conduct a stakeholder consultation workshop to develop a 3-year action plan for biodiversity conservation in the Cederberg mega-reserve, South Africa.
Amount $3,842
Grant Term 4/03-5/03
Grantee Conservation International
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
Development of a Strategic Management and Business Plan to Ratify the Objectives of the Gouritz Megapark Conservation Corridor
Deliver an agreed upon strategic management and business plan for the Gouritz Megapark conservation corridor that will enable all the major stakeholders active within the region and all the potential partners of the project, local and national political entities, government institutions, parastatal bodies, funding institutions and civil society to support this project throughout its development and implementation phases.
Amount $140,247
Grant Term 4/03-8/04
Grantee CapeNature (formerly Western Cape Nature Conservation Board)
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
Related News and Products - Gouritz Initiative Web site
Conservation Biology of the Black Harrier in South Africa
Investigate the breeding biology and resource requirements of the black harrier, with a view to improving management strategies to meet its conservation needs. Changes in the distribution of breeding pairs of harriers could be an indicator of habitat degradation. The project will involve landowners and include post-graduate students.
Amount $49,220
Grant Term 1/03-12/05
Grantee University of Cape Town
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
Related News and Products - Circus, newsletter of The Black Harrier Project: Issue 1, July 2004, April 2005 Issue
Promoting Public Participation in Caring for Tokai's Core Cape Flats Flora Conservation Site
Develop a management plan for a site that was formerly a pine plantation managed by the Department of Forestry. The site was destroyed by fire in 1998 but endemic plants persist and there is potential for restoration. Develop partnerships with the neighboring urban community, especially youth; rehabilitate the area to a natural ecosystem; and conduct public awareness activities.
Amount $10,000
Grant Term 1/03-6/05
Grantee Friends of Tokai Forest
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
Related News and Products - Newsletter (PDF): December 2005 / July 2004
Baviaanskloof Mega-Reserve Project: Mega-Reserve Vision and 5-Year Development and Management Plan
Develop and gain stakeholder acceptance for the Baviaanskloof Mega-Reserve Vision and a 5-Year Development Plan through the establishment and operations of the Project Management Unit (PMU). The Wilderness Foundation and the PMU will bring much needed capacity to the process in developing the vision and development plan. After this initial period, the PMU will commence implementation of the development plan as part of the Baviaanskloof Mega-Reserve Project.
Amount $301,421
Grant Term 11/02-8/04
Grantee Wilderness Foundation
Project Documents - Final report (PDF, 33 KB)
Mainstreaming Biodiversity on the Cape Flats: Project Design Phase
Undertake the initial design phase for the Mainstreaming Biodiversity on the Cape Flats project, which will focus on conservation of the unique biodiversity of the Cape Flats in a people-centered way that benefits the surrounding communities through best practice in sustainable management and coordinated stakeholder involvement.
Amount $4,000
Grant Term 10/02-1/03
Grantee South African National Biodiversity Institute
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)
Related News and Products - Project brochure (PDF)
Facilitating Implementation in the Priority Mega-Reserves and Lowland Corridors in the CFR
Coordinate and facilitate the development of implementation strategies for the mega-reserves, develop a strategy for engaging the private sector in developing best practices to support the lowland corridor and investigate a mechanism to secure priority lands in the Cape Floristic Region.
Amount $348,153
Grant Term 7/02-6/04
Grantee Conservation International
Project Documents - Final report (PDF)

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