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World Bank and CEPF Strengthen Ties in Asia

July 2005

Representatives from the World Bank, the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF), and governments from several Asian countries met in late June at the third in a series of regional meetings to explore how to improve linkages between the CEPF initiative and Bank operations.

The three-day workshop in Medan, Indonesia was designed by the Bank’s Global Programs and Partnerships Group to help increase synergies between CEPF and the Bank’s country programs. The first workshop, covering Latin America, was held in Brazil in January, while the second workshop, covering Africa, was held in Cape Town and Nairobi in April.

Discussions in Medan built on the results from the first two workshops with a presentation from Luiz Gabriel Azevedo, sector leader with the World Bank in Brazil, kicking off the working group sessions.

Key themes for further collaboration that emerged include, among others, improved communication at the country and global levels, sharing of lessons learned, and biodiversity impact monitoring. The participants also identified several specific country-level initiatives for further discussion between the World Bank and the CEPF teams.

Global and regional staff, as well as country staff from India, Indonesia, Lao PDR, and the Philippines, represented the Bank at the meeting. CEPF staff, coordination units, and partners represented the Eastern Himalayas and Indochina regions, as well as the Caucasus, Mountains of Southwest China, Philippines, and Sundaland biodiversity hotspots.

In side events, an evening reception, attended by a number of CEPF local grantees and partners, highlighted the work underway by the World Bank and CEPF in the Aceh province of Sumatra in response to the tsunami tragedy, while a field trip provided participants with a glimpse of on-the-ground conservation supported by CEPF in the Sundaland Hotspot.

Sibolongit is a 124-hectare protected area outside Medan where Conservation International is implementing a conservation and education awareness program. Meeting participants were guided through the education trail by volunteers and staff, and then had an opportunity to discuss the program with an additional dozen volunteers from surrounding communities.

A concluding meeting to round up results and recommendations from the three regional workshops will take place in Washington DC in the near future.

Learn more from the materials provided to the participants in Medan (all documents are in PDF format):
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© CI-Indonesia, photo by Diah R.S
The newly declared Batang Gadis National Park on the Indonesian island of Sumatra in the Sundaland Hotspot is a key part of CEPF-supported efforts to create the Northern Sumatra biodiversity conservation corridor.


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