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CEPF Working Group Terms of Reference

Term Duration: Permanent or as determined by the CEPF Donor Council

Reports to: CEPF Donor Council

Chaired by: CEPF Executive Director. The Working Group Chair reports to the Donor Council.

Members: One representative from each CEPF donor organization. Such representative may invite experts from their organizations as necessary. Guests affiliated with other nongovernmental organizations, multi-lateral and bi-lateral organizations and government agencies may participate as guests as determined by consensus of the CEPF Working Group members. The number of attendees at a Working Group meeting will be at the discretion of the CEPF Executive Director.

Purpose: To serve as a resource to CEPF for consultation on CEPF matters such as maximizing the potential to leverage donor organization resources and expertise, and development of ecosystem profiles, and to provide input and guidance on certain operational issues and addressing obstacles and challenges to biodiversity conservation success.

Frequency of meetings: Three times a year or as necessary.

Specific Tasks:

Support the mission and objectives of CEPF and leverage CEPF investment by identifying the technical and financial resources that member organizations can contribute in specific geographic regions.

Represent and communicate the CEPF mission, objectives, and investment strategy within respective donor organizations to help leverage and amplify CEPF investment.

Provide support to CEPF in the preparation of the ecosystem profiles by representing Donor Council members in reviewing the draft profile, discussing geographic priorities, providing additional information and constructive input, and assisting in identifying current investment, threats to biodiversity, leveraging opportunities, and gaps that CEPF funding might address.

Provide input and guidance on certain operational matters, such as modifications to the

Operational Manual, and monitor and assist in implementation of Council decisions, and other issues as necessary.

Provide support to CEPF and Donor Council members in preparing for meetings of the Donor Council by reviewing documents and recommended actions, resolving any issues, reflecting the position of respective organizations, and briefing Donor Council members.

* These Terms of Reference were approved at the Second Meeting of the CEPF Donor Council held on 11 December 2001.

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