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The Need To Protect Science In The Effort To Save The Environment

The Need to Protect Science in the Effort to Save the Environment

The battle to save the environment happens on several fronts. There are people on the ground doing something to plant more trees and stop deforestation. There are groups raising funds to ensure these projects keep going. You will also find volunteers who spend their free time with nonprofit organizations to implement their projects and achieve environmental goals. You might think you don’t have anything to contribute to this battle. The truth is a fight also takes place online and on other platforms. It’s the fight against the validity of science.

There’s no doubt that climate change is real and is due to human activities. Several pieces of scientific research led to this truth. However, it’s an uncomfortable reality for many people, especially companies that rely on polluting the environment. Since they can’t find ways to refute the research, they decide to attack science altogether. Their goal is to make people hate scientific evidence. They tarnish the reputation of scientists and tell everyone they’re puppets of the government and other powerful individuals. Hence, it’s more important than ever to do something to protect facts.

Research results are independently-reviewed

Tell the people you know that these research results get peer-reviewed. Not everyone can release anything and not be accountable for it. When there’s independent review and validation, it shows how reliable the information is. Therefore, there’s no truth to the idea that climate change activists or unknown individuals fund this research to create conclusions in their favor. You can’t allow this falsehood to spread since it will invalidate all research. For instance, recycling is effective, and companies like Langley Recycling can help in this endeavor. Recycling, when done correctly, produce great results.

Elect the right leaders

Another battle happens in politics. Unfortunately, some people capitalize on individuals’ gullibility and tell them that scientific evidence isn’t true. They understand the truth about scientific results but choose to spread misinformation. They also know some people will believe them and think they’re speaking the truth. It would help if you organized against them. We need leaders who believe in science and will follow scientific evidence, even if it’s uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter if we must make sacrifices to protect the environment. If that’s what scientific evidence tells us, we must at least try it. We would rather die trying than regret that we allowed bad things to keep happening.

The battle is far from over

More people will continue this war against science to push their narratives. They don’t present alternatives and hope that people will believe their unfounded claims over the results of scientific processes. You can’t let these people win. It might be the environmental conservation efforts now, but who knows what else is under attack?

When faith in science is over, our society will start breaking down. We should do our part in spreading correct information from appropriate sources. It can be challenging, but we must pull our share in this battle.

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