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Learn About The Benefits Of Living In A Wooden House

Learn about the benefits of living in a wooden house

Living in a house with a wooden structure is living in an ecological house where it uses bioclimatic designs and natural materials when building it. It respects the environment, at the same time, respects the health of the people who inhabit it.

We specialize in advising you on the project and construction of efficient houses with a wooden structure designed to be assembled easily.

Wooden houses are consolidated as an excellent alternative to traditional constructions, being able to be your first home or like any other alternative housing.

Why should you need a wooden house?

In the following lines, we are going to give you some reasons and benefits of opting for this type of construction:

They are ecological and sustainable.

This type of efficient wooden house is ecological and requires less energy than traditional houses.

They are designed in such a way that they can make better use of natural resources, such as water, sun, wind, etc. In addition, they can benefit from renewable energy such as solar, geothermal, or aerothermal energy.

All this turns out to be very positive for the environment since it reduces the impact of man.


This type of housing contributes to reducing energy consumption considerably, allowing to reduce costs in the short and medium-term, at the same time that environmental pollution will be reduced.

Wood is a very insulating natural material. When summer arrives, these houses allow to retain freshness inside and also retain heat when temperatures begin to drop. Thanks to this, it allows us not to have to invest so much in air conditioning devices. By having more insulation means less expense to keep our homes at a suitable temperature and in saving energy.

They have a long duration

It is usually believed that houses with a wooden structure are not very durable since when we see a damaged wooden house, we associate this material with little durability. However, when we see a demolished concrete house, we do not associate brick with little durability.

Wood is not only a durable and high-quality material, but it is also resistant to external agents, as well as having a very affordable cost. It is prepared to withstand the passage of time, reducing the possibility of repair. The indisputable thing is that any home needs some maintenance and wooden houses are no exception. Wooden houses with logs need to be treated externally with varnishes, approximately every 5 years.

They are mortgagee

Wood-frame homes have the same treatment and/or legal procedure as any home. They are also considered real estate. They have an architect’s project, building permits from the city council, licenses, habitability certificates, property registration, etc. With all these points that we have mentioned, why couldn’t wooden houses be mortgaged? There is no reason why they are not.

Healthy material

In addition to the aforementioned reasons to buy a wooden house, we give you one more reason for its importance with this structure and that is that wood is a healthy material, free of toxins, it can be recycled and reused. This type of housing ensures that we live in a healthy way for our health and that of our family.

Wooden houses as an energy-saving solution

Having a wooden house today has become a solution to the problem and concern of household expenses, in addition to saving energy when buying a home.

The ideal of the perfect house is that it helps us reduce expenses, the electricity bills that come to us every month, and what better if the home is ecologically responsible. Thus, in recent years, trends in modular construction based on energy saving, sustainability, and bioclimatic houses are ringing in our heads more and more.

The houses with a wooden structure are resistant and durable, and their sustainable materials guarantee the least environmental impact because their energy consumption is almost zero.

This type of house complies with all the legal and safe construction requirements like the traditional ones. The interior finishes are personalized and the distribution can be expanded or changed in the future.

Among the wooden house advantages, its construction speed allows fewer days since fewer workers are used, energy use and aggressiveness with the terrain. The construction of houses with a wooden structure is one of the best options when it comes to investing in a home. It is the ideal alternative if you are looking to reduce expenses, a fast housing solution, as well as being efficient and functional as much as your main or second home living place.

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