Sundaland Investment Priorities

1.  Enhance stewardship of forest resources at district level and below 1.1  Raise awareness of value of ecological services
1.2  Raise awareness of options for benefiting from conservation of ecological services and forest products
1.3  Raise awareness of responsibility to conserve biodiversity
1.4  Build capacity for planning and implementation of sustainable resource management
1.5  Build capacity of civil society to monitor forest extraction
2.  Empower civil society to organize in favor of conserving biodiversity 2.1  Increase representation of civil society in NGOs
2.2  Build capacity of civil society groups to organize forest resource protection functions
2.3  Support NGO activities advocating legal and sustainable forest extraction
2.4  Support NGO activities to stop illegal forest extraction
3.  Build alliances among conservation-minded groups in civil society and the private sector 3.1  Build capacity among NGOs for facilitation and conflict mediation
3.2  Support collaboration and cooperation among conservation-minded NGOs
3.3  Support communications mechanisms linking conservation-minded NGOs with one another and the private sector
4.  Assess impact of conservation interventions at district level and below 4.1  Build capacity of civil society to map and track activities affecting conservation of natural resources and changes in biodiversity
4.2  Support periodic monitoring of civil society's attitudes toward biodiversity conservation in target areas
4.3  Support comprehensive analysis of available data on land use, species presence, and conservation threats

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