Succulent Karoo Strategic Directions

Strategic Direction 1:
Expand protected area corridors through public-private-communal partnerships in the priority areas of Bushmanland Inselbergs, Central Namaqualand Coast, Namaqualand Uplands, Knersvlakte, Hantam-Roggeveld, Central Little Karoo, and Sperrgebiet.

Strategic Direction 2:
Engage key industrial sectors in meeting conservation objectives identified by SKEP.

Strategic Direction 3:
Retain and restore critical biodiversity in areas under greatest land-use pressure.

Strategic Direction 4:
Mainstream conservation priorities into land-use planning and policymaking.

Strategic Direction 5:
Increase awareness of the Succulent Karoo Hotspot.

Strategic Direction 6:
Create the capacity to catalyze the SKEP program.