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Philippine Conservationists Forge Closer Ties: Conservationists across the Philippines Hotspot are working more cooperatively through the exchange of research results, lessons learned, and models for best practice at events such as the recent 15th Annual Philippine Biodiversity Symposium sponsored by the Wildlife Conservation Society of the Philippines (WCSP) and attended by more than 170 participants. The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) is one of WCSP’s key strategic partners and has co-funded the symposium since 2004. The theme of the 2006 gathering was “Red Lists as Tools for Conservation Planning,” and presentations covered subjects ranging from the Red List, to the illegal wildlife trade, to new research on species. Sixteen of the papers were based on projects supported by CEPF, such as the Philippine Eagle Foundation, or being implemented by CEPF grantees with the support of other funding partners.

- May 2006

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