Northern Mesoamerica

Oct. 5, 2007
Collaboration to Protect the Maya Mountains
Partnerships spanning the border between Belize and Guatemala, as well as between governments and local nonprofits, are helping to better manage and protect Chiquibul National Park. Containing some of the most intact forests in Northern Mesoamerica, the park was threatened by the illegal harvest of ornamental plants.

June 2006
Six New Protected Areas for Mesoamerica Hotspot
New funding from the Dutch government will help to create protected areas in the Cuchumatanes region of Guatemala, a key biodiversity area in the northern region of the Mesoamerica Hotspot.

May 2005
Fires Sweep Guatemalan Protected Area
Raging fires have burned 50 percent of Laguna del Tigre National Park since the beginning of March, consuming huge tracts of rain forest and wetlands in one of Northern Mesoamerica’s most important biodiversity areas.

February 2005
World Bank, CEPF Forge Greater Links
Representatives from the World Bank, CEPF, local civil society groups and governments across Latin America recently met to explore improving linkages between CEPF and Bank operations.

February 2004
CEPF Prepares to Expand North in Mesoamerica
The CEPF Donor Council recently approved a $7.3 million ecosystem profile and investment strategy for the partnership to expand investments to the northern region of Mesoamerica, predominantly covering Belize, Guatemala and Southern Mexico.