Pride Campaign: Succulent Karoo

Country: South Africa

Partner: Conservation International

Campaign Manager: Morne Farmer

Target Area: Northern Namaqualand, South Africa

Campaign Goal: To conserve the biodiversity of the northern Namaqualand region so that people take ownership of and enjoy their unique living landscape in a way that maintains biodiversity and improves livelihoods now and in perpetuity

Flagship Species: The armadillo lizard (Cordylus cataphractus)

Campaign Slogan: Our Quartz Rocks!

Principal Threats: Harmful farming methods (the use of pesticides and fertilizers, overgrazing and poor grazing methods), ad hoc tourism development and unmanaged tourism activities, lack of awareness about conservation amongst local people, poaching of reptiles and succulents in particular, and lack of coherent planning for conservation and development.

Notable Information from the Questionnaire Survey:

Campaign SMART Objectives:

Highlights from the Results (based on pre- and post-campaign surveys:)