Pride Campaign: Mountains of Southwest China

Country: China

Partner: Roots and Shoots - China / Jane Goodall Institute

Campaign Manager: Zhang Zhe

Project Area: Baishuihe National Nature Reserve (BNNR), Sichuan Province

Principal Threats: Threats identified during the stakeholder meetings and questionnaire surveys included in the concept model include firewood collection, poaching, animal and plant disease, illegal logging, illegal mining, harvesting of bamboo shoots and plants for Chinese medicine, and tourist litter.

Campaign Goal: To conserve the habitat and biodiversity in Baishuihe National Nature Reserve (BNNR), home of the golden pheasant and giant panda, for the sustainable benefit of the community

Flagship Species: The golden pheasant (Chrysolophus pictus)

Campaign Slogan: I’m Proud of My Hometown!

Notable Information from the Questionnaire Survey:

Campaign SMART Objectives:

Highlights from the Results (based on pre- and post-campaign surveys:)