Pride Campaign: Guinean Forests of West Africa

Country: Sierra Leone

Partner: Environmental Foundation for Africa

Campaign Manager: Edward Sesay

Project Area: Located in the western part of Sierra Leone, the Western Area Peninsular Forest Reserve forms the westernmost limit of remnant rain forest in the country. The site has been gazetted as a non-hunting forest and designated an Important Bird Area (IBA) by BirdLife International.

Principal Threats: The Western Area Peninsular Forest Reserve is threatened by increased fuel wood harvesting, timber production/stick harvesting, creation of new settlements, small-scale subsistence farming, stone mining, hunting, and road construction. These pressures are attributed in part to poor law enforcement and lack of knowledge of forest regulations and reserve boundaries. Poverty, harsh economic conditions, and the lack of funding for conservation in Sierra Leone are all important factors aggravating these threats.

Campaign Goal: To minimize threats posed to the tropical rainforest and wildlife in the Western Area Peninsular Forest Reserve

Flagship Species: The bareheaded rockfowl, or white-necked picathartes (Picathartes gymnocephalus) is among seven priority globally threatened bird species in Africa. It is classified as vulnerable. This bird is widely distributed in the country but threatened by habitat destruction and degradation, unsustainable development and reduced breeding success.

Campaign Slogan: “A Healthy Forest for a Healthy Future”

Notable information from the questionnaire survey:
The survey was administered in twenty communities inside the campaign target area, targeting 700 people, with 454 males and 246 females interviewed. Notable information from the survey includes:

Campaign SMART Objectives:

Highlights from the Results (based on pre- and post-campaign surveys:)