Pride Campaign: Cape Floristic Region

Country: South Africa

Partner: Cape Nature

Campaign Manager: Jakob Hanekom

Project Area: The Cederberg Wilderness Area is one of seven protected areas selected to represent the Cape Floral Region for World Heritage Status and is an important core area in the Greater Cederberg Biodiversity Corridor (linking the coastal lowlands with the Succulent Karoo)

Principal Threats: Direct factors threatening the Cederberg include poaching, trapping, fires, tourism (causing trampling, erosion, pollution, increased risk of fire, and sometimes the removal of species), erosion, the removal of buchu (an herb) and cedar wood, and invasive alien plant species. Indirect factors include the lack of government funding, law enforcement, and infrastructure for conservation. Contributing factors are poverty and unemployment, and the lack of local community knowledge and awareness of conservation needs.

Campaign Goal: To conserve the fauna & flora of the Cederberg Wilderness and surrounding conservancies for future generations

Flagship Species: The Clanwilliam cedar tree

Campaign Slogan: Be a Friend to the Cederberg!

Notable Information from the Questionnaire Survey:

Campaign SMART Objectives:

Highlights from the Results (based on pre- and post-campaign surveys):