Pride Campaign: Atlantic Forest

Country: Brazil

Partner: Instituto de Estudos Sócio-Ambientais do Sul da Bahia

Campaign Manager: Ana Roberta Gomes

Project Area: The Atlantic Forest between Una and Itacaré, in southern Bahia

Principal Threats: These include hunting (fueled by the illegal wildlife trade), over-fishing, deforestation (over-exploitation of forest resources by the wood industry), and river pollution (from garbage, sewage, auto washing, agrochemical contamination, inappropriate agricultural techniques such as the use of fire, and the illegal pet trade). There is a general lack of awareness of existing laws governing the use of natural resources.

Project Goal: To contribute to the establishment of the Central Corridor of the Mata Atlantica between Una and Itacaré, in southern Bahia state, as an instrument for the conservation and sustainable management of natural resources

Flagship Species: Maned three-toed sloth (Bradypus torquatus)

Campaign Slogan: Corredor Ecologico: Um caminho de Vida Na Mata (Ecological Corridor: A Path of Life through the Forest)

Notable Information from the Questionnaire Survey

Campaign SMART Objectives:

Highlights from the Results (based on pre- and post-campaign surveys):